Antioxidant Superfruits for Your Skin

gogi berries

By now you realize that antioxidants are essential nutrients that protect your skin and slow overall aging by capturing and neutralizing damaging free radicals.  That’s why you just ordered that freshly pressed green-drink, for its mega amounts of antioxidant vitamins. But, if you’re already eating right, keeping your skin clean, well hydrated and exfoliated will adding a serum rich in…

SKINCARE MYTH #1 – Moisturizers


“Expensive Moisturizers Don’t Work Better Than Cheap Ones.”   Dermatologists often tell their patients that Vaseline is just as good as any other moisturizer. Yes it’s true that Vaseline locks in moisture, keeping it from evaporating out into the air. Maybe you could try it the next time you go skiing or find yourself in…



Ever notice how quickly a child’s skin repairs itself after it gets a cut or scratch? A child’s skin metabolism is running full force. In just a few days you might not even find a trace of where that injury was. Unfortunately, our skin starts aging as early as in our teens, when environmental factors…

Rethink Your Makeup for Anti-Aging Results


The makeup artists at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skincare Spa in Wellesley, MA specialize in creating natural makeup looks that take years off your age.  Owner, Elizabeth Kosky has been doing makeup instruction for more than forty years.  This gives her a lot of first hand knowledge about mature skin and how to keep it looking…



Brow waxing is a popular services at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa. This is because it’s a quick, easy and economical way of removing the hair and getting the precise look want for your brows. Our estheticians are also makeup artists, which means they have a keen eye and understanding of how to achieve expertly grooming brows that…


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