How to get that glow (at home).

Papaya Beads 400Regular exfoliation is key to keeping skin smooth, soft and glowy. Here are some quick easy steps to giving yourself an At-Home Spa Treatment that will exfoliate then recondition your skin.  While everyone can benefit from a regular exfoliation program make sure to customize your products to fit your skin type.

STEP ONE:  Cleanse your skin with a lightweight milky cleanser to remove dirt & makeup.  Try a formula chosen by one of our ingredient experts.  You’ll notice a difference right away when it’s right for your skin type.  Apply cleanser first with clean dry hands to dry skin.  Massage in for about 15 seconds.  Wet your  fingertips and repeat. This will emulsify both water and oil soluble dirt and give you a really fresh clean skin.  Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry.  Find me a cleanser.

STEP TWO:  Apply a gentle smooth surfaced scrub, one that will roll over the skin without scratching it. Unless your skin is very sensitive try massaging it in dry, in circular motions for about 30 seconds. For extra effective exfoliation add 2-3 pumps of an AHA serum right over your scrub and massage in again for another 30 seconds.  A Lactic Acid  based AHA serum not only adds double exfoliation but also increases your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture loving ingredients, which plumps up thirsty skin cells.  Rinse well and lightly pat the skin dry with a towel. Be sure your facial scrub does not contain apricot kernels or walnut husks, as the sharp edges will unnecessarily irritate the skin. Our most popular scrub is Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads and our most hydrating exfoliating serum is BOOST.

STEP THREE:  Apply a few drops of a super hydrating repair serum such as Hydraessence or Brightening Peptide Serum (both contain Hyaluronic Acid, which holds up to 1000 times its weight in water).  Remember that moisture is the key to achieving instant plumping of the skin and important to use before any special event.  Then calm and condition with a generous coat of a masque suited for your skin type. We love Azulene Soothing Masque for sensitive & dehydrated skins. If you want to make this gel based masque even more emollient for winter try mixing a 1/2 teaspoon masque with 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite night creme.  Mix together and apply right over your serum using a masque brush.  Leave on 10-15 minutes.  Remove with a warm, damp face cloth and rinse well.  Ahhh… such luxury!

STEP FOUR:  Finally, wipe an alcohol-free toner over your skin with a cotton pad and follow-up with a cool sprits or two of the toner.  Apply more serum and a nourishing moisturizer and don’t forget to use an eye crème.

Voila…   beautiful glowing  skin!!!

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