Once upon a time there was soap.

Cleanser BottlesOnce upon a time there was soap.  This foamy thing you used to was your face.  It may have worked okay when you were a kid (but even then it made your skin feel tight and sometimes itchy).  Of course, at the time you were more oily and you thought the solution was to dry everything up.

Today, its important to know that anything that foams contains detergent.  Harsh surfactants that rob your skin of moisture and leaves a hardened sludge on the skin’s surface that causes oil and bacteria to back up in the pores and contributes to breakouts.

If you still produce some oil you might prefer a gel cleanser to wash your face.  I don’t recommend this if you wear makeup.  Milky cleansers are much better at emulsifying makeup instead of binding it to the skin.  You could start with a milk, then follow with a gel cleanser to cut excess oil.

Most of my clients use a detergent free gel cleanser in the morning which is great for removing impurities given off during peak skin metabolism which happens while you sleep.  The key ingredient to avoid in a gel cleanser is Sodium Laurel Sulphate (a super harsh and very dehydrating detergent).  Other members of the sulfate family can still be drying.  A simple rule is to look at how much the product foams up.  A little foaming – a little detergent.  A lot of foaming – a lot of detergent.

These clients use a milky cleanser at night.  Milky cleansers soften the skin, hydrate the skin and are great makeup removers.  Make sure your milky cleanser is water-soluble.  Anything that just tissues off is going to clog the pores.  Makeup wipes are usually just mineral oil plus fragrance.  The residue they leave not only clogs the pores but also leaches oil soluble vitamins from the skin, leaving your skin nutrient deprived along with giving it a dull look and adding to clogged pores. Cleansers that are too rich and do not rinse off easily also trap heat in the skin which makes you more prone to rosacea and redness.

Always finish your cleansing process with an alcohol free toner.  Toners not only rinse the skin to keep it looking fresh, they remove all the junk found in tap water.  Chlorine, sodium, fluoride and bacteria found in tap water when left on the skin, dulls the skin and prevents important actives in your treatment products from getting deep into the skin where they are needed to do their important work.

Find out more about Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Cleansers.  we have a broad selection, one is perfect for your unique skin type.


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