How to get beautiful lashes.

Shadowed EyeWake up to beautiful lashes every morning.  Hassel free lashes mean you can work out, wear contact lenses and go to a holiday party, effortlessly looking your very best with big beautiful eyes.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics when you opt for lash extensions, you are getting a highly trained, certified lash specialist who’s expertise means you will experience great looking lashes with a style that is…  well, whatever it is you’re looking for.

I’m a little squeamish when it comes to wearing false eyelashes.  You know, I’ve seen the girls behind the makeup counter in department stores and… it can be a little scary.  Being a fan of “the natural look” I tend to shy away from anything too glamorous.  Great for the young girls, but for me… I don’t know.  So it took a little convincing from Sarah, our trendy twenty-something esthetician and makeup artist, to convince me to give it a try.

Now, I’m a huge fan!

What I love about these lash extensions is that the look is extremely natural and customized for the shape of your eyes.  They look like me, only better.  As a contact lens wearer I don’t have to worry about gloppy mascara getting on my contacts or accumulating inside my eyes.  I also love that I can get up in the morning, go down to Starbucks and get my coffee (Grande, decalf, one pump mocha, non-fat with whip) and I don’t feel I have to hide behind the counter in fear that clients will see me, “makeup free”.  When I get dressed, a little shadow and liner and I’m good to go.  I feel so comfortable in these lashes that the next time I may even be brave enough to go for a little more.

Hassle free beauty comes in different styles.  Elizabeth Renee Esthetics offers Natural Lash Extensions, Glamorous Lash Extensions and Extreme Lash Extensions depending on your desired style.  Eyelash extensions give you longer, thicker, luxurious eyelashes any time of day for dramatic beauty you never need to hassle with.  These lashes are applied, lash by lash to your own natural lashes. The application process is very relaxing (most people fall asleep).  Touch-ups vary from every couple of weeks to once a month depending on your preference.  These lashes come in various colors including some fun tints you’ll want to play with. Make sure your glam is always on and you always look amazing.

To book an appointment call us at 781.237.SKIN (7546) or book online in the salon section of

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