EyeLift Brightening Creme


Ever since I posted my blog about “Choosing the Right Eye Cream for Your Skin Type,” my clients have been asking me when I was going to release my newest, light weight anti-aging formula.  Well, the time is now!

EyeLift Brightening Creme is the right choice for your skin type if you have maturing skin with multiple concerns which may include dark circle, lines, wrinkles, sensitivity & hydration.  It is especially effective when you want to focus on prevention using newer, high-powered anti-aging ingredients.

This is a light weight cream that has been designed to get deeper through those tiny pores in the skin around the eyes.  There, targeted ingredients can do their best job at keeping your skin strong and younger looking.

If you are particularly dry, you may want to opt for a slightly richer eye cream.  All of our eye creams are fairly light because we have chosen not to use eye products that contain overly heavy, oil laden ingredients that add to the problem of weighing down the delicate skin around the eyes. These greasy eye creams can potentially increases the loss of skin tone in this area.

That being said, Intervention Eye Cream is the perfect choice for Alipidic (oil depleted) skin. It has a wonderful combination of peptides for anti-aging protection and it’s great at soothing and smoothing very dry skin.

I’m currently using the new EyeLift Brightening Creme and I love the light, silky fresh feeling it has. This time of year I can even use it during the day, under eye concealer or foundation without it creasing or smearing my makeup.  This might be a different story in the summer where I’m sure I’ll switch to Anti-Puff Gel which has always worked for me in warmer weather.

It’s also important to mention that the EyeLift Brightening Creme has been great for hydrating the skin around my eyes   I haven’t had any dryness or crinkly skin problems this winter, even though the air in my house has been particularly dry.

Want to find out more about eye creams?  Read: The Best Eye Cream for Your Skin Type.  The more information you have, the better able you will be at choosing the perfect formulation for your unique skin type.

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