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When on your quest for “complexion perfection” you should consider what goes into your body to be as important as the products you put on your face.  At the same time its important to note that the active ingredients in foods (that make positive changes in your skin) contain natural chemicals that when harnessed properly form the basis of most results oriented high-tech skincare formulas.  Often these ingredients are even more effective in the form of specialty serums because of the higher concentrations used and a sophisticated delivery system that targets ingredients to specific locations in the skin.  Here are some ingredients we encourage you to eat and incorporate into your skincare regime.

Antioxidants found in foods protect the skin from environmental aging. They are located in the pigment of richly colored fruits and vegetables.  The more pigment, the higher the percentage of antioxidants.  Berries are a perfect example; they are super rich in antioxidants, namely Vitamin C.  For the health of your skin you should consider including at least one serving of berries daily in your diet.  Both blueberries and cranberries are excellent food sources.  Notice the great amount of color you find in these fruits.  For your skin: Vitamin C battles sagging skin and dullness.  The Vitamin C found In Elizabeth Renee Esthetics’ C & E Antioxidant Serum uses a concentrated, stabilized version targeted to stimulate collagen production, brighten the skin and provide antioxidant protection from UV rays and pollutants.

Watch out for

 saturated fats in your diet.  Saturated fats play havoc with acne prone skin by changing the consistency of sebum to become thicker and more sluggish making it harder to flow out of the pores.  At the same time saturated fats in milk products, processed foods and fried foods are triggers for inflammation.  Acne prone skin will suffer from this by becoming more reactive, causing increased breakouts.  Inflammation in general, is a problem for anyone concerned with premature aging because of a cascade of chemicals events that are triggered by inflammation results in free radical damage. Inflammation is a major contributor to accelerated aging. We not only need to avoid foods that cause inflammation but to increase foods and ingredients that will sooth the skin.

Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are considered the “good” fats. They include olive oil, avocados and omega-3 fatty acids which have wonderful skin calming abilities.  Check out Environmental Protection.  It’s a calming dry skin serum that contains omega 3 fatty acids. Wheat germ glycerides and licorice root are two more super soothing natural ingredients found in moisturizers developed for sensitive skin.  One of my favorites is Elizabeth Renee Esthetics’ Phytolipid Recovery Crème.

Vitamin A is an important vitamin for the skin because it helps organize the Malpighian layers of the skin so the skin stays smooth and the pores stay clear.  These epidermal layers increase the skin’s protective barrier function and give the skin a nice smooth texture.  In the dermis Vitamin A helps build supporting collagen and elastin fibers, so skin stays firm.  The result of using Vitamin A is positive for both acne prone and maturing skin.   Vitamin A can be found in beta carotene rich vegetables, in the orange pigment found in carrots, yams, sweet potatoes and pumpkins.  Vitamin A is the “secret” ingredient in one of the skin care industries all time most effective anti-aging formulations: namely Retinol.  Retinol Resurfacing Treatment is a very effective, time-released Vitamin A formula that skips the irritation you get from the prescription version: Retin-A.

Finally, keep in mind that skin cells are made of protein.  This means skin needs adequate amounts of protein to reproduce itself.  The skin should be able to replace about one cell layer per day to stay healthy and young-looking.  Soy is an alternative way to get protein if you don’t eat meat.  Peptides in skincare products are protein fragments, which have been extensively studied and shown to stimulate collagen production.  Our Firming Peptide Serum is an excellent source of protein plus it contains Pomegranate Extract which is an excellent antioxidant that also helps calm inflammation.

A combination of living right, eating right and using the right products on your skin will keep your skin looking fresh and radiant for years to come.

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