What Does it Mean to have Sensitive Skin?

LED LightEvery day clients come into Elizabeth Renee Esthetics and tell us their main concern for their skin is that they are very sensitive.  The other day a new client stopped by to ask us what we could do for her extremely sensitive skin, and that there were very few products she could use without reacting.  She then told us how she had recently had a conversation with someone in town who recommended Elizabeth Renee Esthetics because we were the go-to-spa for those who needed expert advice on matching up specific ingredients with each person’s individual needs.

My first thought from what she told me was that she had super sensitive skin, meaning she had allergy-like reactions to products, making her allergy prone. But, after talking with her for a while I realized that what she really meant by being sensitive was that she broke out easily with blemishes after trying new products.  This meant she was really sensitive/acne-prone.  This type of skin needs to be treated very differently. Instead of choosing products that would focus on eliminating known allergens, irritants and certain emulsifiers, I would choose products for that were non-comedogenic, promoted healing and had a strong anti-bacterial component.  A very different regime.

So, what does it mean to have sensitive skin?  Sensitive skin means your skin reacts easily, in one way or another to various stimuli.

When talking to your esthetician make sure to explain exactly why you think you have sensitive skin.  Does your skin turn red easily when you touch it or put products on it?  Does it get irritated or rashy, stingy or get itchy?  Do you break out with red, sore bumps or dull nodules that seem to last for ever.  Do you have food allergies or allergies to certain botanicals or fragrances? The more information you give to your esthetician the better she will be able to recommend products and lifestyle changes that can help make positive changes in your skin.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is have a facial.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics our facials are generally 90 minutes long as opposed to 50-60 minutes which is typical elsewhere.  One of the reasons we to do this is because when we are working with your skin we can note exactly how your skin responds to the various procedures and ingredients we introduce during the facial.  At that point we can make a valid assessment of your skin and create a complete, results oriented program developed just for your very individual skin type. Trust your skin to the ingredient experts at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics.  We will be your guide to complexion perfection.

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