Spring Cleaning (Your Pores)

Sonopeel Web SmallBest Exfoliators from Elizabeth Renee Esthetics
As summer draws near skin can become dull, more oily or clogged.
Exfoliating regularly will keep your skin clear, fresh & radiant.

Redefining Skin Facial: This is one of our most popular facial treatments.  Triple Exfoliation clears away thick, dull skin cells to reveal a smooth, glowing complexion.  This treatment combines a Smart Enzyme Peel (exfoliation without the sting), Natural Skin Brushing (to complete the sloughing process) and Ultrasound Exfoliation (to super-hydrate your skin as it exfoliates away unwanted cells).  Try this facial to experience your freshest face ever!

At Home Followup
Keep that just been facialed effect throughout the month with these dynamic duos at home.
Physical scrubs loosen old, worn out cells while chemical exfoliants effectively dissolve the remnants of those cells as well as unclogging the pores.  For sensitive skin try an enzyme based, nonabrasive masque to gently exfoliate.  Boost offers extra hydration as it exfoliates dry, sensitive skin.  Choose the right exfoliant for your skin type and experience that freshly hydrated, super smooth glow all month long.

Thick Oily Skin: (3x’s per week)
Physical Exfoliant – Clarifying Crystals
Pore Clearing Exfoliant – Glycolic Serum 20%

Medium Thickness: (2x’s per week)
Physical Exfoliant – Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads
AHA Exfoliant – Getting Even

Thin, Delicate Skin: (1x per week)
Enzyme Exfoliants – Tropical Enzyme Smoothing Peel
Hydrating (lactic acid) Exfoliant – Boost

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