Six Summer Sun Facts

Brown Eye ShadowFACT:
Sunscreen builds up in your skin.  This can be a good thing if your out and about a lot because you can build extra protection.  In just a few weeks you’ll have built up enough sunscreen in your skin to lessen your risk of burning.  The problem is, this can lead to clogged pores if you’re not removing your sunscreen properly at night.

Try washing with a slightly more potent cleanser in summer.  If you tend to be oily or get clogged pores try our Fresh Mint Cleanser.  This minty fresh product leaves oily skin feeling sparkly clean and refreshed.  Don’t forget to follow up with a mild toning lotion to remove any residue. Don’t worry you’ll still have some extra sun protection.

Sunscreens not only help protect against pigmentation, sunburn and the potential for skin cancer but sunscreens help prevent wrinkles!

I guess I haven’t stressed this enough because last month when the NY Times posted a new study documenting how sunscreens do prevent wrinkles many clients came rushing in, looking for our Advanced Protection SPF 30 and declaring this as new news.  So if you haven’t got the message thus far, please take note of it now.  Your skin will thank you later.

Don’t exfoliate in the morning in summer.  Exfoliation makes skin look soft, smooth and radiant but it also exposes newer cells to the sun.

Instead of exfoliating in the morning, try exfoliating only at night.  Match frequency of exfoliation with your skin type.  Thin skin: once a week.  Normal skin: twice a week.  Thick skin: three times a week.  If you use a scrub choose one with smooth surfaced particles that won’t scratch your skin.  Gentler exfoliants include smart enzymes which are known to remove only the dead surface cells while leaving younger cells intact.  Tropical Enzyme Smoothing Peel is a good example of an enzyme masque that contains no particles at all.  It’s gentle on the skin but still gets rid of that dull leathery, summer skin look.

In summer, most of us need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Summer heat, while making us more oily, evaporates moisture from the skin.  The way to replenish this is to choose a light weight humectant based serum like Hydraessence under your moisturizer or sunscreen.  In-Spa there is nothing more hydrating or refreshing than our Hydracool Repair Masque, applied with a cool facial iron.  This fantastic treatment masque contains high levels of Hyaluronic Acid (a superior moisture magnate) plus skin repairing Epidermal Growth Factors which  helps undo sun damage on contact.  Nothing like instant gratification!

SPF 30 is the magic number for sunscreens.

Higher than that and you increase your risk of irritation from the tremendous amount of added chemicals needed to marginally increase your sun protection.  The key is to make sure to apply enough to get that 30 SPF.  Always use more than you think you need. I like applying two coats in the morning.  Oh, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours when out in the sun.

You can get better sun protection.

No matter what SPF is in your sunscreen, if you apply a potent antioxidant serum under your sunscreen you can increase your skin protection by up to 20%.  Antioxidants intercept free radicals from the sun that age your skin.  We love our Sunrise Solution because it contains 18 potent antioxidants including 6 superfruits like Goji Berries and Pomegranate Extract.  This is more effective than Vitamin C in summer plus it’s super soothing and calms inflammation.

Happy Summer!

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