Papaya Enzymes for Gentle Exfoliation

PapayaHow do papaya enzymes work for your skin?  

Papaya enzymes exfoliate by dissolving dead protein cells and help clear debris within the pores.  Clients with delicate skin tissue such as broken capillaries and rosacea may not be able to tolerate stronger chemical peels containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids that strip away surface layers in a much more aggressive manner.  Due to their sensitivity or because they are allergy prone they need something that discriminates between living cells and dead surface cells. Enzymes have this ability and the result is a delicate peel that also feels more comfortable on the skin. Note that many papaya enzyme exfoliators on the market also include salicylic acid which negates the purpose of doing gentle peeling. So, you need to check the ingredients listed on the jar before you buy. Our Tropical Enzyme Smoothing Peel’s activity comes purely from the papain enzyme derived from papayas.

These enzymes are also work well for acne prone skin. By cleaning out pores, you will lessen blackheads that can lead to blemishing. If there is already visible blemishing, the papaya’s strong decomposition quality works to clear the skin by breaking down harmful elements while still leaving the healthy cells to thrive.  Enzymes are better than scrubs for inflamed acne because the rough particles in scrubs add to irritation and create little lacerations in the skin that spread acne bacteria.   

Tropical Enzyme Smoothing Peel also helps brighten and even skin tone without chemical abrasives. Natural papaya enzymes work to eliminate dry, dull pigmented cells and toxins to reveal a softer, smoother complexion. Plus, It improves penetration of other treatment products due to removal of dead cells that create a barrier on the skin’s surface.

Tropical Enzyme Smoothing Peel is used in our spa during some of our sensitive skin facials but it is one peel that is mild enough to use at home on a regular basis to keep skin looking smooth, fresh and younger looking.

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