Anti-Aging Makeup Tips for Skin Over 50

Wearing makeup should be fun at any age.   At 58  I don’t need or want to look the age of my 29 year old daughter, but I love wearing makeup. What can I say?  I like the girly thing, it makes me feel pretty.  I love the ritual.   I get involved while standing in front of the mirror, playing, mixing, experimenting.  For me it’s an artistic endeavor.  These days I’m shadowed by my fiive year old granddaughter.  She watches me,  fascinated, as we get ready for the day in front of the double mirrors in my bathroom.  She patiently waits for the day when I will give the okay for her to wear more than just a clear (with a suggestion of pink) lip balm.

Is wearing makeup essential for a women over 50?  No, but if wearing makeup makes you feel attractive and gives you confidence.  Go for it.  How much?  Makeup is an accessory (like wearing jewelry).  It’s an expression of your own  personal style.  That means there’s no hard and fast rules, but there are tips to help your over 50 skin look fresher, radiant, more youthful and healthy looking.


  1. Start with a primer.  There are phenomenal primers out there that easily smooth on over your sunscreen/moisturizer to help fill in the lines, shrink the visibility of pores, and give dry skin a youthful translucent glow. Plus, your foundation will slide on flawlessly and cover much more evenly creating instantly younger looking skin.
  2. Choose a light defusing foundation.  As your skin matures you’ll discover that matte is your enemy.  A foundation that is too matte accentuates lines and the added dullness gives you a really tired look.  Your best bet is to find a hydrating formula that diffuses light for a nicely illuminated look and a natural glow.
  3. Less is better.  Over time you may have developed uneven pigmentation from past sun indiscretions, but don’t try to hide it completely by overdoing your foundation or concealer.  This just looks heavy and artificial. Apply just enough product to draw attention away from the pigmentation or dark circles, making them less noticeable.
  4. Match foundation and concealer to your skin color to keep everything looking fresh.  A common mistake is for women to go too dark with their foundation or too light with their concealer.  Dark foundation looks masky and too light concealer creates unsightly rings around your eyes.  Also, avoid pinky based foundations which can make you look ill. A slightly yellow based foundation gives skin a warmth that is both healthier and more vibrant looking.
  5. If you have dry skin it may be time to toss that powder blush.  A cream blush is more moist looking, and much more forgiving when you have to apply it in hurry, like say when you’re running late for work.
  6. Update your style.  Every season there are changes in fashion that are reflected in your clothes.  If you want to look current your should update your makeup as well.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics we offer complimentary makeup updates every spring and fall.  Take a fresh look at what makeup you’re currently wearing, then make some subtle changes.  This is sure to keep your makeup from looking dated.
  7. Try these flattering eye makeup trends for a more modern look:
    a. Nix the mascara on the lower lashes.  This will soften your look and avoid Tammy Faye Bakker eyes. However, we love lots of layers of mascara on the upper lashes. Just keep them clean looking and clump free. There are some cool new mascaras out there that build a wonderful, full yet natural look.  They often use a curved wand to make it easy for you to coat every lash.
    b. Toss the heavy black liner (unless you have black or nearly black hair and dark eyes).  Chose a soft black, dark brown or grey instead. Try one of those new felt tipped liners on your upper lash line.  Once it sets, it will stay in place all day. Although it may be impossible to do the new cat eye thing that all the young people are wearing (a little weird in my opinion), you could opt for a thiner line drawn in as close to the base of your lashes as possible. You can soften this look by applying a touch of a complementary shadow color to the outer corners of your eyes. Keep shadow colors muted on your lid and avoid frosted shadows if you have a crepey eyelid.
    c. Loose that shimmery white shadow on your brow bone.  This style is long gone and can really date you. It is much more flattering to apply your colors just on the lid and into the crease.
  8. For soft, super natural brows that don’t look drawn in try a brush-on brow tint that goes on like mascara and is especially good for tinting graying hair.
  9. Balance your lip color:
    a. Too glossy will certainly run.
    b  Too matte will accentuate wrinkles.
    c. Too dark is a real ager.
    Try instead, a medium toned, moisturizing lipstick followed by a sheer lip balm to add softness and a subtle sheen.
  10. Try an invisible lip liner if you want your lipstick to stay in place longer, without feathering. The new waterproof formulas are extremely long wearing with non-feathering wear that lasts for up to 7 hours. It not only provides a precision line, but looks great with any lip color.

A new makeup look will help you keep up with the times, especially if you’re still wearing that same old shade of lipstick you fell in love with 20 years ago.  If you love what you’re currently wearing you can stay with it, but if you’re willing to be a little adventurous, take a fresh new look for a spin. The benefits are: you’ll look younger, be more stylish, and feel the excitement and fun you get from updating to a new style.  The great thing about makeup is that if you don’t like a color, you simply wash it off.  Wearing makeup over 50 should feel fun, flirty and instill confidence. Then it should make you smile because you know you look great.

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