Is Your Skin Dull, Dry & Tired?

Not all skin types age in the same way.  While some skin types become sensitive, red and reactive as they age others seem to just loose their pep.  The skin looses it’s vital glow because of diminished micro-circulation.  As this skin type ages it looses pigment and starts to look a bit ashen, while at the same time developing blotchy brown spots of hyper-pigmented areas. These may have originally come from the sun but have been exacerbated by hormone changes.  This skin type may become lax as it loses tone over time.  It also tends to get dull, dehydrated, dry or parched.  Without proper moisture and lipids the complexion can loose it’s fresh, moist, translucent qualities.

While this may sound a bit depressing, there are little tricks you can do to breath life back into your skin.  To make vital improvements direct your focus on circulation.  To do this choose botanicals like rosemary, ginseng, pine and chestnut extracts which enhance circulation. When used regularly they help revive skin’s healthy glow.  Your cleanser should be a light milky, water based lotion that won’t asphiate your skin. Take a moment to gently massage your cleanser in circular motions all over your face, then do some gentle tapping before rinsing it off.  This will activate tiny capillaries to bring in oxygen and important nutrients needed to feed the skin.

When formulated correctly, rosemary extracts (rich in ursolic acid) stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own natural protective lipids.  This is particularly effective in correcting parched, dry skin and creates a nice, comfortable, radiant glow.

Your skin will greatly benefit from a little extra exfoliation.  Try a mild AHA exfoliating serum in the morning and a skin repairing retinol based serum at night.  These are tried and true formulas that exfoliate away old, dead, dull surface cells and at the same time jumpstart cell metabolism to produce newer, heather cells.  Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for your skin type that has been tested and found to stimulate collagen production, brighten pigmentation and protect your skin from environmental damage.  Vitamin C is important to help keep skin firm and improve your overall skin tone.

When visiting the spa you should look for treatments that also focus on extra exfoliation, brightening Vitamin C treatments, nutrient rich nourishing treatments and a stimulating massage.  You are probably one of the best candidates for regular facial treatments.  When you leave that spa your skin should look fresh, feel moist and revived and have a nice new radiant glow.

For a complete list of products recommended for this unique skin type click on Elizabeth Renee Esthetics’ Skin Type #1.  Not all skin types are the same.  To discover your personal skin  type, how to treat it and get a complete listing of the best products for your skin click on What’s Your Skin Type? by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics skin care or make an appointment with Elizabeth for a Comprehensive Skin Evaluation (listed under Wellness or Integrative when you book online).



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