How to Keep Your Skin From Sagging

Microcurrent TreatmentSkin loses that wonderfully tight, dense tone as you age.  This leads to sagging, wrinkles and a dull-looking complexion. Aging skin is the result of internal and external factors. The the main external culprits are: the sun, smoking, exposure to pollutants, stress and a nutritionally deprived diet.  Internally, often due to genetic components, everything slows down.  Poor circulation means cells are deprived of vital nutrients.  Cells have less energy to repair and replace themselves.  Stem cells and fibroblasts (the master cells that trigger skin repair) seem to go to sleep.  The result is a loss of vital collagen and elastin fibers which give skin it’s strength and support.

To keep facial skin firm you need to boost the energy component of fibroblasts.  You can give your face back its youthful qualities or maintain them by getting regular spa treatments proven to naturally increase collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent therapy is a type of treatment that was was originally used in a medical setting as a treatment for Bell’s Palsy (which causes paralysis of facial muscles and causes ones face to droop).  After microcurrent treatments, patients’ faces seemed “lifted” and it was reported by physicians that they appeared younger.  Microcurrent is used today a part of a facial treatment to tone collagen and elastin fibers, defining your features thus giving your face a tighter, firmer look.  It also sends a message to stem cells and fibroblasts to lay down new collagen and elastin.  It increases circulation which means better nutrition to the skin and when paired with a compatible corrective serum, microcurrent offers excellent penetration of performance ingredients like peptides and Vitamin C which are instrumental for new collagen production. You’ll also find you’ll achieve wonderful results when using microcurrent around the eyes.  Microcurrent not only firms but aids in lymphatic drainage to help reduce puffiness and brighten the eye area.

At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics we offer two types of microcurrent facials. The BioLift Brightening Facial uses light microcurrent in combination with other brightening and skin firming modalities.  The Skin Sculpting Facial is a more intensive treatment, which concentrates solely on in-depth skin toning using a more powerful microcurrent device, perfect when toning is your ultimate goal.  Both treatments are very relaxing, hydrating and rejuvenating.  Your skin will look fresh and renewed and show off a wonderfully youthful glow.

A microcurrent facial is great for maintenance or a quick fix for a special occasion, but optimal results may require a series of treatments.  Six to twelve,  45 minute treatments can be done separately from your regular monthly facials.  Our BioLift Brightening Facial is currently our most popular facial for mature skin clients.

Home care is especially important.  Back up you skin microcurrent treatments with corrective serums that contain high potency Vitamin C, peptides or stem cell stimulators. Elizabeth Renee offers other treatments which aid in skin firmness like LED light treatments and Microdermabrasion, but in my opinion, if you want quick tightening results in a non-invasive treatment and skin firming is your main focus, microcurrent is the way to go. 

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