Toner Tips

Applying Toner“Why Should I Use A Toner?”
10 compelling reasons to add a
toner to your cleansing regime.

With today’s skincare regimes getting more complicated you may be looking for ways to consolidate your homecare ritual. It’s no surprise that you find yourself questioning whether or not using a toner is still a necessary step.

“After all, it kind of looks like water.”

“Isn’t a toner going to dry out my skin?”

First of all, a good toner should be alcohol free. If it feels really cool and tingly when you apply it that’s probably the feeling of alcohol or menthol evaporating the moisture out of your skin. Which will leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. All Elizabeth Renee Toners are alcohol free. Next, you need to carefully choose a formula that’s right for your particular skin type. Take a look at

Elizabeth Renee’s Toner Page

where you’ll find a collection of formulas that each have unique properties to address the needs of your personal skin type. That being said… skipping the toner step could be a big mistake. Applying toner is one of the three most basic but important steps that include:

  1. Using a non-drying, detergent free, cleanser
  2. An alcohol free, botanically based, hydrating toner
  3. Rehydrating with a moisturizer or treatment product

Why are toners included in the big three?

Here are ten reasons why using a toner is so important:

  1. It completes the cleansing process by removing left over cleanser, oil, makeup and impurities still on the skin’s surface after you wash.
  2. It provides important water binding ingredients to hydrate your skin.
  3. It balances the pH of your skin, which protects against unwanted microbes that can lead to blemishing.
  4. It aids in the exfoliating process by removing dead surface cells, thus minimizing pores and keeping them clear.
  5. Using a toner helps reduce irritation and calms redness.
  6. A toner helps brighten uneven pigmentation and gives a radiant clarity to the skin.
  7. It provides botanically based nutrients to improve the health of your skin.
  8. It removes impurities like chlorine; sodium and bacteria found in the tap water you use to wash your face. These can dry out your skin, irritate it or contribute to clogged pores.
  9. Toners remove barriers on the surface of the skin, which prevents penetration of those expensive anti-aging serums you paid big bucks for.
  10. Toners create a moisture layer that increases the efficiency of your moisturizer, keeping your skin soft, fresh and well hydrated.

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