Getting Even
Getting Even

Even more than wrinkles.  aged skin is defined by uneven pigmentation.

Summer was fun, but age spots aren’t.

Skin discolorations betray advanced aging and wear and tear on your skin.

There are skin lightening alternatives to prescription hydroquinone which can cause skin irritation and has been banned in Europe as a known carcinogen.  While hydroquinone offers a fair amount of lightening it has also been known to cause a “bullseye effect” which actually draws more attention to the dark spots.


Though pigmentation can be very frustrating to deal with, Spa peels containing brightening botanicals, Vitamin C, lactic acid, niacinamide and salicylic acid are your quickest way to skin recovery after being exposed to the summer sun.  Plus, the quicker you deal with pigmentation problems the less they become permanently ingrained in the cell production mechanism of your skin.  Ask your esthetician about having a few Bio-Brasion Brightening Peels.  This next generation microdermabrasion treatment is very effective, and gentle on your skin.


Clients often say, “I don’t want to do that at home.  You can take care of it here.”  Well, the truth is, that’s really wishful thinking.  Brightening pigmentation after the summer requires action on all fronts.  In-Spa treatments are really effective when combined with great homecare.

VITAMIN C:  Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate is a no-sting version of Vitamin C that is very effective for brightening the skin. Incidentally it’s also good for lightening blackheads as it helps build collagen.  When worn under a sunscreen daily, it can boost your sunscreen’s anti-aging effects by up to 20%.  Check out Elizabeth Renee Esthetics’ C & E Antioxidant Serum.

BOTANICAL BRIGHTENERS:  We’ve check out the top brightening ingredients and included them into our Brightening Peptide Serum.  Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Daisy Flower Extract: A natural, gentle, yet powerfully effective skin lightener that works by inhibiting melanin overproduction in the skin.
  • Bearberry Extract:  Bearberry contains Alpha arbutin, which is known to lighten the skin fast.  Arbutin has been proven to effectively lighten freckles, dark spots and skin discoloration. In a one-month study on 80 Chinese women using a 1% alpha arbutin, the “skin lightening effect” was said to be very noticeable. Bearberry extract is also useful because it contains sun protection filters that may help to reduce the amount of “tanning” experienced after sun exposure, and consequently promotes anti-aging of the skin.
  • Licorice Extract:  This ingredient has been shown to inhibit tyrosine activity and UVB-induced pigmentation.  A recent study has shown that a combination of licorice root extract with retinoic acid resulted in a brilliant skin lightening response in 70% of all patients.


Your esthetician can recommend a homecare exfoliation program that will be effective for your unique skin type. It is important to do regular home exfoliating treatments that will remove pigmented cells, but not cause irritation,  This is important because irritation can trigger more pigmentation.

I think incorporating a morning and evening exfoliation program is important.  However, you have to commit to avoiding the sun and extensive use of sunscreen.  Here is a winning home exfoliation program that works on most skin types:

  • AM Exfoliation:
    • Getting Even –  Use this wonderful AHA/BHA blend 3-4 times a week, in the morning and allow it to dry before applying a C & E Antioxidant Serum and Sunscreen.
    • Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads – is the scrub of choice to augment skin brightening.  Apply and work in for 30 seconds then leave on the skin for 2 minutes before rinsing. Use on alternate days from Getting Even.
  • PM Exfoliation:
    • Retinol Resurfacing Treatment – Retinol has gotten a good deal of attention in the world of skin care. In fact, it is one of the most well-researched skin-care ingredients. Why? Because research clearly shows that retinol has multiple benefits for skin including skin brightening.  Make sure to apply your retinol, than wait a minute for it to be absorbed. Then follow with a skin brightener that contains Licorice Root extracts.


  • Advanced Protection SPF 30 – Make sure you are using a particulate sunscreen like micro-milled zinc oxide because this type of sunscreen does not heat up your skin. Heat contributes to pigmentation.


You’ve heard of BB creams (beauty balms), well now their are CC creams (color correctors).  I never liked the BB creams because they were too heavy, too sticky and didn’t glide on smoothly over the skin (usually leaving your skin with a chalky white finish).  CC creams are different.  While you’re waiting for you skin brightening program to work you can find instant gratification by applying these neat little color correctors for immediate evening of the skin and if you are exfoliating properly you will get a wonderful texture that might even allow you to skip the foundation.  Our Cc Cream has a smooth silky texture and color adjusts to meet the needs of your skin tone.  Elizabeth Renee’s Brightening CC Cream is fortified with an SPF of 20.

Ready to start your skin brightening program?  Contact our spa at 781-237-7546 or book a Bio-Brasion Brightening Peel right online.  (Look for it under Medical Spa Treatments.)

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