Holiday Countdown – Six Weeks to Great Skin

Want to get beautiful, glowing skin for the holidays?  Time is running short. So… today is a good day to make a plan and commit to it. If you start now you’ll be able to show off your best holiday complexion.

WEEK ONE:  Adopt a  Healthy Diet.

Antioxidant Protection

Don’t wait ’til New Years day.  If you start eating right now, you’ll look radiant and beautiful by the time New Years Eve rolls around. Baring Thanksgiving (where I think you should just plan to go ahead and splurge) it’s the perfect time to focus on good habits.

Where to put your focus:

Avoid sugar and refined carbs.  These foods not only invite bacteria which increase your risk of breakouts, but surgery foods are a major cause of glycation.  This type of free radical damage makes your skin look dull and tired.  In the long run, it stiffens collagen and elastin fibers which eventually leads to wrinkles.

Watch dairy and other foods that may have been injected with hormones. These foods highly increase your chances of breaking out and increases inflammation which exacerbates redness and puffiness.

Choose moisturizing foods.  Foods that provide essential fatty acids moisturize from the inside out.  Omega-3 is particularly good. It’s abundant in cold-water fish such as sardines and salmon and is also found in flaxseeds, walnuts and green vegetables.

If you have dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea or premature aging start taking an omega-3 supplement in addition to eating oily fish two or three times a week. You’ll see a difference before you can say, “Yule Tide”.

Don’t forget to hydrate.  6-8 glasses of water per day is still optimal for beautifully dewy, soft skin.

WEEK TWO: Make Time for Moderate Exercise.

AHA-walkersI know it’s a busy time, but exercise is vital.  Exercise tightens your skin and creates muscle tone.  I say moderate because intense exercise can actually age your skin by causing free radical damage.

Where to put your focus:

Nice long, brisk walks.  This not only burns calories, but increases circulation to feed your skin and give it a glow.  It also reduces stress hormones that contribute to aging. Take time out for a walk every day. Even 30 minutes a day will activate all the anti-aging benefits you need for glowing skin. Remember to wear sunscreen.

WEEK THREE: Get a Skin Brightening Facial.

UltrasoundA facial will do wonders for you skin by creating clarity, tone and brightness. Then enjoy showing off that nice even, plump and hydrated look.

Where to put your focus:

Save heavy duty extractions for your long term goal.  Instead, lean toward retexturizing facials that smooth, hydrate and rectify dullness.  These can be achieved relatively quickly. Instant gratification is a wonderful thing this time of year.  Check out Elizabeth Renee’s new Skin Correcting Bio-Brasion Facials or a Bi-Lift Brighting Facial.  Both offer instant skin smoothing peels and an immediate lift to make you look younger.

WEEK FOUR:  Optimize your home care.

mask with pink headbandNow that your skin feels moist, plump and radiant you’ll want to maximize the results by stepping up your home care to include an At-Home Facial Treatment once a week for the next few weeks. You’ll love this pampering ritual so much you may decide to continue it throughout the new year.

Where to put your focus:

  1. Exfoliation.
    Choose a smooth surfaced scrub like Elizabeth Renee’s Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads to gently roll over the skin, removing dull surface cells, revealing the newer, plumper cells beneath.  Make this even more effective by adding a couple of pumps of BOOST, a hydrating and brightening corrective serum based on lactic acid.
  2. Hydration.
    Nothing adds moisture to the skin like hyaluronic acid.  Sounds strong?  Actually, this super performance ingredient is a gentle hydrator that holds as much as 1000 times it’s weight in water.  You’ll find this ingredient in Elizabeth Renee’s Hydraessence.
  3. Repair.
    Gone are those old fuddy, duddy clay pastes.  Find a masque that’s right for your unique skin type.  Sensitive skin?  You’ll love our super calming Azulene Soothing Masque.  For peak anti-aging performance try our Coffee Berry Masque.  It’s wonderfully hydrating and infuses coffee berry antioxidants into your skin for instant repair.  Refine is a great pore clearing and brightening masque for combination skin that doesn’t over-dry your skin.
    Just rinse, tone and moisturize and you’re good to go to your next holiday party.

WEEK FIVE: Last minute skin de-stressors.

You may not have enough time for another facial but here are some quick fixes that will perk up your skin without robbing your time.

Where to put your focus:

Soft EyesIf you’re feeling a little weary from stress or lack of sleep schedule a quick pick-me-up for your peepers.  Elizabeth Renee’s Firm & Lift Eye Facial combines skin firming micro-current & a firming masque and manual lymphatic drainage to diminish puffiness and minimize circles.

How ’bout a little Happiness?  These are three perfect little mini treatments that take only 45 minutes.  One is just right for your skin. Incidentally, Happiness also makes for a great holiday gift at only $60.

WEEK SIX:  Keeping everything feeling fun.

Makeup Instruction WebDon’t forget your commitment to diet & exercise. This will help minimize last minute stress.  Try to keep a fun, playful attitude throughout the holidays.

What to focus on:

In the vein of keeping it fun, pop by for a fun new holiday lipstick.  Try perking up your sparkle with a new holiday bronzer.  Book some time for a makeup update.  Pick up a gift certificate that is sure to create holiday joy. If you’re short on time you can always order online.  

Smile… it does great things for your skin!

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