What’s the deal with a Cranberry Peel?

cranberry peel picWith dozens of peels to choose from, why would you choose a Cranberry Peel?

A Cranberry Peel is a lovely little peel that works well for most skin types.  It’s primary goal is to improve skin’s radiance, replacing dull, tired looking skin with a fresh vibrant  glow.   It is especially effective for  dehydrated skins whether it’s dry or oily.

The combination of enzymes (found naturally in cranberries) plus lactic acid (known for its brightening effect) in this peel offers more effective exfoliation than using solely an enzyme based peel. This is because a Cranberry Peel is highly effective for removing the accumulation of dead, surface cells that clog pores and are responsible for that dull, lifeless look.  Yet, a cranberry peel is still gentle enough to be used on all but the most sensitive skin types.  The low-level amounts of Lactic Acid in this peel is not only great for exfoliating, but has wonderful hydrating properties and helps to diminish pigmentation. The new skin revealed looks fresher, more moist and boasts a lovely radiant glow.

You also get a bonus effect with our Cranberry Peel.  Cranberries are nutrient rich with Vitamin C and packed with anti-aging antioxidants. These help replace and repair collagen fibers that have been damaged from past sun exposure.  The bottom line is that Cranberry Extracts (processed correctly) help your skin retain it’s tone and firmness.

To create softer, calmer, well hydrated skin, ask for a Cranberry Peel to be added to your facial or as an à la carte treatment that can be done in-between your regular monthly facial treatments.

Very Merry Cranberry Peel Special

This special is offered by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa every holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years.  It’s a fun time to try our exfoliating Cranberry Peel.  If you haven’t yet had one now’s the time. Choose to use it for yourself or gift it to someone special this holiday season.

Get that “glow” for the holidays.


Purchase a gift certificate for $100.
Get a gift card for a FREE Cranberry Peel.

The gift card can be used any time during the month of January, 2020.

(the peel is a $50 Value)

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