Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Repair Serums

With all the new anti-aging ingredients out there it’s easy to become confused and throw up your hands when trying to decide which ingredients are most effective for keeping your skin looking youthful over time.  If you find yourself struggling with this, rest assured you are not alone.

A good place to start is to remember that anti-aging repair serums do their best magic at night while you’re sleeping and your skin is in repair mode.  So make your night time application of anti-aging repair serums a top priority.

Where to begin?  Start focusing on the two most researched areas when it comes to anti-aging.



Young looking skin is well hydrated skin.  Cells that are full of moisture look plump and fresh and have a nice translucent quality.  Water is essential as the medium by which vitamins and nutrients get into skin cells to keep them alive and metabolically active.  Besides drinking your eight glasses of water a day, your skin will benefit from using a nightly serum that contains the greatest skin hydrator of all, namely Hyaluronic Acid.  This potent humectant holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and works effectively for all skin types. It not only plumps and moisturizes, but helps heal and comfort the skin. Hyaluronic Acid Serums also help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics one of our top selling serums: HYDRAESSENCE contains an optimal dose of Hyaluronic Acid.  It is oil free, can be used under a moisturizer, or you can mix it with another serum.



When you are young your skin is busy making new epidermal skin cells.  They reproduce at a rate of about one cell layer a day.  That means the entire epidermis replaces itself about once a month.  Because of this the surface of the skin stays soft and smooth and has a lovely even texture to it.  The dermis (the underlying layer) is plump and full of skin supporting collagen & elastin fibers and something called glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) whose primary role is to retain moisture, to plump the skin and supports other cells in this layer.  Over time the metabolic rate slows down to about half that amount.  This makes skin repair less efficient, resulting in sagging skin, loose skin and increased hyper-pigmentation.  A tried and true way to boost cell metabolism is by adding a repair serum which includes peptides.  Peptides are little messengers that remind the skin to get busy stimulating production of collagen, elastin and GAGS. Elizabeth Renee’s PEPTIDE FIRMING SERUM is an antioxidant serum which includes skin affirming peptides.

A little trick we’ve learned to do at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa is to use a mixture of two pumps of each serum together and use them at night over a cleansed and exfoliated skin.  This popular treatment is a winning combination for age conscious clients.  This results in extending the look of youthful, vibrant skin which then becomes ageless.

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