Makeup for a Certain Age

I’m not a model or a celebrity, just a real person who likes to look and feel my best at any age. Now that sixty is right around the corner (less than a year away),  I feel fortunate that I’ve invested time in taking care of my skin. I’ve also benefited from updating my makeup each season to enhance my complexion. I love how achieving a current makeup look makes me feel vital, vibrant and pretty. Besides, I’m a sucker for rituals, and there is a certain fun and playfulness in taking part in this artistic endeavor that I enjoy each morning while experimenting with new colors in front of the bathroom mirror.

Updating your makeup look ensures that you don’t get stuck in the rut of wearing the same old colors or makeup styles year after year.  I hope you’re not still wearing the colors you chose in high school.  Aside from color,  makeup formulations have improved immensely over the past  couple of years.  Makeup now looks less “makeupy.”  It blends more smoothly into your skin and diminishes imperfections, often containing age fighting ingredients like peptides and sunscreen.  Now might be the perfect time to take a second look at what’s in your makeup bag.

I like to think of makeup as an accessory.  It’s not mandatory, it’s just fun, like choosing to wear that cool, chunky, artsy bracelet you fell in love with.  This is why going to a professional makeup artist (especially one that can relate to your stage in life and consider your personal style) will be more advantageous than risking it at the makeup counter at your local department store.  If your makeup artist is also an esthetician, she will understand which products are good for your individual skin type.

Here are some tips for wearing makeup for mature skin:

1. Choose a foundation that gives your skin a radiant glow instead of looking for heavy coverage.  Okay, we all have flaws but choosing that heavy coverage makeup will make your skin look artificial and dead.  I’d rather see you choose something that is luminescent, which gives your skin a fresh, youthful glow.  I wear a tinted primer instead of foundation, then go back with a concealer to cover up the flaws.  Then I dab on clear primer that works as a filler to instantly soften lines.  (Especially those under my eyes or around my mouth.)

2. Choose a blush that’s either a cream or a powder that has been micro-milled into a silky fine texture that will not matte-out on your skin.  Don’t over due the blush and invest in a great blush brush which is big enough and soft enough to lightly deposit color smoothly when you sweep it across the balls of your cheeks. Don’t go too big though, then it will be difficult to control the placement of color.  I love a blush brush with a little angle to it, which gives you more control depositing color exactly where you want it.

3. Highlighting is essential for a mature skin.  Be careful of powder highlighters because they are often too glittery, but if you use a subtle cream highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones and down the center of your face (including the cupids bow) it will give your face a fuller look.  Take a look at that beautifully rounded, luscious shape of a child’s face.  You want to do what you can to keep that look of fullness, which means lots of highlighting and minimal contouring.

4. Choose natural eyeshadow colors that subtly shape your eyes.  What you choose depends on the shape of your eyes and the condition of your lids.  Focus on a little gel liner and subtle mascara to give definition.  Don’t forget your brows!  Mature women tend to loose definition in their eyebrows and need a little boost to keep the focus on your eyes.  If you are new to this try a brow tint.  This little gem of a product comes in a tube with a mascara wand that is easily brushed on over the brows to renew color without looking too fake or drawn in.

5. Lipsticks should be a natural balance between nude and bright.  A good rule of thumb for lipstick is to find a tone that matches the inner lip or gums.  Never wear a matte lipstick.  Mattes accentuate lip lines.  If you want long lasting color try an  invisible lip liner and fill in your lips under your lipstick.  A touch of gloss also helps.  Don’t use a heavy gloss or overdo the amount you apply. Just touch to your lower lip then press your lips together to add a subtle, moist shine.

Click on the links above to discover my favorite color choices for the season.

Master esthetician and makeup artist, Elizabeth Kosky has been specializing in anti-aging skincare for over forty years. Visit Elizabeth Renee Esthetics to update your makeup look where you’ll find the latest looks and formulations that address the needs of your special skin type.

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