Makeup Shades for Summer – 2015

Glowing Summer SkinWhat do you do with those wonderfully naked makeup shades you just bought for spring? As the temperature rises you may suddenly feel the urge to to spice things up a bit and groove into a sultry summer mode.  This doesn’t mean you need to can that versatile neutral pallet, but start thinking of it as a great starting point.   Then take a chance and go for the gold.  If you only buy one makeup product to bring your face into summer it should be a warm, glowing bronzer.  Make sure it has a bit of sparkle to give you a nice light reflective, sun drenched look. (Much safer then sitting out in the sun, absorbing damaging UV rays.)  If you bought a bronzer over the winter it’s probably browner and duller than you want right now.  Even if you have cool tones in your skin,  make sure your bronzer has a little warmth, touched with a bit of gold and bronze.

Fiji Baked Bronzing Powder
Fiji Bronzing Powder

My favorite bronzer for summer is a baked bronzing powder called FIJI.  To create this wonderful product we take a cream bronzer and bake it in a kiln until it’s powdery texture becomes incredibly smooth and light so it glides on to perfection.  The best way to apply your bronzer is with a large powder brush that softens the look and allows for just the right amount of payoff. Keep the top of your cheekbones light by applying a subtle swipe of a light reflective highlighter (the makeup artists here at Elizabeth Renee just love Moonbeam).  Because I want to keep the highlighter very subtle, this is one time I don’t recommend using a brush. I just swipe the product over the upper/outer cheek bones with the applicator that comes in the compact.

Pickup Artist
Pickup Artist

This summer’s choice for blush should have a warm peachy tone to it.  Elizabeth Renee’s Duo Contour Powder in Pickup Artist includes a beautifully romantic shade of peach, paired with a soft contour powder that’s not only wonderful when sculpting under cheek bones, but is also the perfect shade for contouring the sides of the nose. Because my skin is very cool, I tend to use two blush colors in summer. I dip my Angled Blush Brush into both a warm peachy shade and a cool spring pink to create my own favorite blend. Some days I wear more of one color than the other depending on what I am wearing.  Usually I use two taps of the dominant color plus one tap of the modifying color. My picks for this look are are Honeybell Baked Blush and Posey Baked Blush.

Haven Split Shadow
Mirage Split Shadow

Neutral Shadows are still fun and easy for summer.  Just adjust to slightly warmer shades.  After applying your neutrals, place a pop of a warm glittery beige on the inner corners, next to your nose. Then smoke out your liner by adding a sun-kissed rusty bronze on the outer corners and under the lower lashes. Check out our Haven Split Eyeshadow to spice up your summer neutrals  Or, just for fun, think water instead of sun.  Aqua tones are making a big splash this summer.  Add this perky pastel shade in Mirage to the out half of your lids then apply a pop of a soft pink sparkle to the inner corners.  Place a bit more on the lower inner corner under your lashes for a modern look.   Choosing Aqua creates a fun, fresh summery feel that will keep you looking cool all summer long.

esthetician / makeup artist Elizabeth Kosky

Wearing fun warm summery shades works well for everyone at every age.  This is me wearing the Mirage – aqua pallet over my everyday go to neutral shades.  The focus is on perfecting your look to achieve visibly beautiful skin and a relaxed, flattering style.  Book an appointment with one of our talented makeup artists at
Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa in Wellesley, MA.
Click here or call us at 781.237.SKIN (7546).

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