Back to School Facials

It’s back to school time and your teen could use a fun treat that also sets the stage for clearer, more beautiful skin throughout the upcoming year.

There are many benefits of having a facial, but a back to school facial for teens will focus on cleaning out the pores and removing blackheads caused by excess oil production, sunscreen buildup and layers of dead skin cells that accumulate during the summer and are exacerbated by sun exposure.

It takes a professional esthetician to properly prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions can take place in a safe and effective way, one that won’t leave marks on the skin or aggravate the skin to the point of inflamed breakouts.

One size doe not fit all, even in the case of teens. What works for your daughter’s best friend might not be right for her skin. One oily skin could be thick and impervious to strong ingredients while another oily skin might be sensitive and react to that same product, making matters even worse. An esthetician can offer advise on the best way to address your teen’s individual skin concerns.

One of the most important reasons to have a teen facial is the advice you get from consulting a licensed skin care expert. Your teen will not only learn which skin care products will work best for them, but receive important tips about diet and life style habits that will give the skin the boost it needs to stay looking fresh, beautiful and glowing.

Book an appointment now at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skincare Spa.

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