Rethink Your Makeup for Anti-Aging Results

The makeup artists at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skincare Spa in Wellesley, MA specialize in creating natural makeup looks that take years off your age.  Owner, Elizabeth Kosky has been doing makeup instruction for more than forty years.  This gives her a lot of first hand knowledge about mature skin and how to keep it looking young, fresh and glowing at any age.  Twice a year a team of top makeup artists fly into Boston from Manhattan to share with us the newest makeup trends and advances in makeup technology. This year’s class was fantastic.   Here’s a sampling of five forward thinking tricks that are guaranteed to keep your face looking fabulous.

First of all:


One of my favorite new products is a versatile brow balm that does many wonderful things for your eyes.  Learn to work this balm into your brows using a synthetic brush to bring you up-to-date with a full, beautifully shaped brow.  Everyone’s brows fade, shorten or thin out as time rolls on.  Brow balms give you a current look that creates definition and seamlessly stays in place all day.  Oh, wait… it does more.  Swipe this creamy balm across the crease of your eyelids, then stipple it out, focusing on the outer half of your eyes.  As you get older it seems like your eyes get smaller, this technique brings back depth and structure.  You can even use this product, with a subtle swipe under the eyes instead of using a heavier eyeliner.  This will give you run free, smudge free definition that won’t accentuate dark circles.



For a dramatic look line only the upper eye lashes.  Putting heavy liner underneath your eyes can highlight dark circles and make eyes appear smaller. Tight-lining is a makeup artist’s technique where you place gel liner in-between the upper lashes.  This gives your eyes wonderful definition, especially when you’re doing your no-makeup makeup look.  For a more finished look, after your gel liner, grab a matte shadow and swipe it across the top of your lashes using an angled shadow liner brush.  The result is a defined look that manages to avoid an unflattering harshness.  By the way… unless you have very crepey eyelids, you don’t have to fear a little iridescence in your eyeshadow.  The newer formulas are so micro-milled that they go on smooth and seamlessly.  Just make sure their is a little warmth to the color you choose.  Too gray or silvery colors tend to look cold and tired.



Maybe it’s time to give your setting powder a rest.  For years you used powder to set your foundation, to allow your makeup to last longer and separate your creams from your powder based products. Today’s formulas are so sophisticated that you can easily layer creams and powders on top of each other and skip this step.  Plus setting powder tends to fall into creases which accentuates wrinkles.  Instead, give your skin a little glow.  Add a touch of primer over your foundation to set it and get a fresh moist look. You may also try a touch of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones.  This will give your face an instant lift.

Number Four:


Everything about looking youthful with makeup is about playing with light and dark.  Think of your twelve year old daughter’s beautiful face.  Her face is full, plump and emanates light.  Play up the center of your face and the tops of your cheek bones with a sheer illuminator stick to give your face that wonderful full, glowy look, a look that’s full of light and energy.  Watch where you place your concealer. Instead of half moon circles under the eyes, try applying in an upside down triangle that increases the light and fullness of your face while diminishing darkness.



Mature skin looses pigment and tends to look pasty.  If you’re not using bronzer your missing out on that beautiful warm glow that also makes you look alive and radiant.  We’re not saying to look like you have a fake tan or over done.  Just wisp a little over your temples, under your cheek bones and under the jaw to give you a tighter and firmer look.

Oh wait, wait… I thought of two more things you can do with that brow balm.  First of all, if you have mature skin, you might want to soften the look of the brow color by “breaking the brow.” This is a term makeup artists use that refers to dusting just a bit of your highlighter color (a soft white) subtly over the brows after shaping them to just soften everything.  Also, you might want to know that our brow balm is the perfect product to dab into your hairline to cover those grey roots.  Works better than anything else I’ve tried and stays put once it’s applied.

This October you can enjoy an Elizabeth Renee Fall Makeup Update.  Our expert makeup artists will demonstrate new anti-aging makeup technique that keep you current and looking beautiful.  This complimentary service is available throughout the month, just in time for the holidays.


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