The skin contains two types of stem cells:

The epidermis, or outer layer of skin, is responsible for protecting us from environmental assaults like pollution and sun damage. It holds in moisture, which keeps skin soft, smooth and pliable. Stem cells, located in this layer, trigger epithelial cells to continuously reproduce and repair the skin.  This keeps skin smooth, even, strong and healthy.

The dermis, found just below the epidermis, houses collagen and elastin fibers for tone and firmness, as well as hyaluronic acid, blood vessels and glycosaminoglycans that cushion, nourish and keep skin from wrinkling. Stem cells found in the dermis stimulate fibroblasts, which are the “factory cells” that manufacture these important substances and keep skin full and plump while minimizing wrinkles.

As we get older stem cells tend to go to sleep. The activity and quality of skin stem cells deteriorates over time as they become tired and worn out. Skin cells die; those proteins that made your skin look so youthful decline; and moisture-holding lipids decrease. Waiting to receive a molecular message to produce new cells to take the place of older ones are reservoirs of stem cells hidden in microscopic niches within your skin. Unresponsive “sleepy” stem cells is considered one of the most important causes of aging of the skin.

Recently, scientists have discovered a promising solution in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. There you’ll find a unique form of Sea Algin. This seaweed, when exposed to severe climate conditions, has developed an internal defense mechanism that can reactivate stem cells that have shut down as a response to harsh weather conditions. Studies suggest this avant-garde performance ingredient also reactivates dormant stem cells found in mature skin via messengers that wake up stem cells and stimulate them into doing their job properly. This North Atlantic Sea Algin is a major component found in Elizabeth Renee Esthetic’s Cell Youth Anti-Aging Facial. It is also an important performance ingredient in their REVITALIZE Cell Therapy for home use.

North Atlantic Sea Algin is part of a collection of five internationally patented performance ingredients based on over a decade of research and the Human Genome Project.

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