SKINCARE MYTH #1 – Moisturizers

“Expensive Moisturizers Don’t Work Better Than Cheap Ones.”


Dermatologists often tell their patients that Vaseline is just as good as any other moisturizer. Yes it’s true that Vaseline locks in moisture, keeping it from evaporating out into the air. Maybe you could try it the next time you go skiing or find yourself in arctic conditions. But lets get real, regular use of Vaseline on your face has a few problems. First, Vaseline is very occlusive. This means it traps oil underneath the skin’s surface, which then clogs the pores, creating milia and leading to breakouts. It also traps in heat, which stimulates the proliferation of bacteria. Because Vaseline makes the skin warmer, rosacea prone skin should be particularly wary. Heat in this type of skin can mean increased redness and irritation.

Estheticians and cosmetic chemists on the other hand, recognize the value of a more sophisticated formula.  Consumers often overpay for what ever moisturizer they pick up at the beauty counter.  You can avoid this by understanding a little bit about what’s in the formula you’re choosing.

The goal of a good moisturizer is to insure sublimely hydrated skin. This is accomplished by choosing the right combination of humectants (water binding ingredients), emollients (skin conditioning ingredients), and occlusives (barrier ingredients to trap in water). Read more about these components in my blog post: Creating Healthier Skin.

Further more, you may want to add powerful high performance anti-aging ingredients to this hydrating formula. This is where the added expense comes in. Anti-aging Ingredients with a proven track record include: Peptides, Vitamin C, Retinols, Antioxidants and Seaweed Alginates. Theses ingredients have a lot of research behind them to back up their anti-aging claims. Performance ingredients are dose dependent and any reputable product line is paying attention to how much of the ingredient needs to be included for proper efficacy. Although, keep in mind that serums generally have a higher concentration of actives and a more advanced delivery system than your favorite night cream. So, this might be where you want to invest your money. Also, don’t forget to match formulations with your skin type. Employing the help of a professional esthetician can actually save you money in the long run. Your esthetician will know how to match up specific ingredients and formulations with your inherited skin traits and current skin conditions. This will achieve superior results compared with just throwing anything on your skin and hoping for the best.

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