What’s Trending at Elizabeth Renee?

At Elizabeth Renee we only have two product sales a year. Clients wait patiently to take advantage of these great savings. Right now we are in the middle of our Valentine’s Day Sale. Before you make your purchases we thought you’d like to take a peek at what popular products are being swept off the shelves right now. So here is a snapshot of our top 10 best selling skincare products.

1. C & E Antioxidant Serum – This has been our most desired serum for years. That’s because it not only offers extra protection against sun damage and other environmental agers, but it builds skin firming collagen and even diminishes old blemish marks.

2. The Pink Cream – Loved by everyone with sensitive skin. Natural moisturizing factors reduce signs of aging and stop trans-epidermal water loss that results in dehydration. Skin becomes supple, smooth and more comfortable.

3. Getting Even – This state-of-the-art AHA blend incorporates Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids to dissolve rough dead cells. The new skin revealed is fresher and more vibrant. Making it ready to absorb your anti-aging and skin correcting serums.

4. Environmental Protection – It’s winter! You need extra protection from the dry, arid winter air that robs your skin of moisture. Just a drop of this emollient serum acts as an overcoat for your skin.

5. Hydraessence – This oil free hydration serum is super effective for all skin types, to fight dehydration by grabbing onto moisture. It features hyaluronic acid: the super humectant that holds up to 1000x’s its weight in water.

6. Hawaiian Seaweed Moisture Cream – This wonderfully rich moisturizer is perfect for correcting and protecting sun damaged skin. It does so by strengthening skin’s resistance to environmental agers.

7. Calming Chamomile Cleanser – Choosing the right cleanser is paramount for preparing your skin to gain great results from the rest of your regime. This is our most popular of our twelve cleansers.  The azulene in this formula helps to soothe  and comfort sensitive skin.

8. Aloemist Toner – Think you can skip this step? This ever popular alcohol free toner is so important for removing impurities in tap water that dull your skin, clog your pores, adds to dehydration and prevents penetration of those precious treatment products of yours.

9. Crepe Escape – This neck treatment has become so popular! Why? Because, when used regutlarly, apple stem cells found in this formula help wake up your own sleepy stem cells to prompt skin to repair itself. This cream gives this difficult area a smoother, younger look.

10. Revitalize Cell Therapy – This superstar product activates skin to act like a younger version of itself. Because of its ability to stimulate sleepy stem cells, increase cells ability to take in more water, increase cellular energy, increase antioxidant protection and boost skins repair mechanism.  It’s not only our most powerful corrective anti-aging serum, but also our most popular.

Click on product names to find out more.

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