What’s Your Lash Style?

Natural / Lash Tints

Lash Tint 2Lash Tints are the perfect summer solution for those who want to look fresh and clean while participating in fun summer activities. You’ll wake up looking bright and smudge free.  Water sports and hot muggy weather is no match for this subtle yet dramatic service which is quick, easy, safe and affordable.  Can be worn with or without other eye makeup.




Traditional / Mascara

Version 2Don’t want to give up on your favorite way to spice up your lashes?  Now you can enjoy maximum lashes with this exciting new and improved formula. XL XL Mascara has Film Forming Polymers that coat lashes to out-perform other mascaras. This advanced formula imparts extreme volume, separation, length and lift. At the same time it provides transfer and water resistance.  See, you can have it all.


Glamorous – Lash Extensions

Lash ExtentionsNothing says glamour & high style like lash extensions. This spa service ensures maximum full, luxurious lashes that fit in with today’s top trends.  Lashes enhance your professional image by providing a finished and polished look, even if you don’t wear much make-up. The fine art of lash extensions requires patience, training, and skill. You can trust our expert estheticians.  You’ll soon become addicted to sporting this impeccable style.



Lash it up and save.  For the month of June, 2017 we ‘ll help you get ready for summer by offering 10% off lash services or our new XL XL Mascara.


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