How to Hydrate Within Your Skin

Hydration is an indisputable part of all skin care treatments and home care products.  Hydration provides benefits to all skin types regardless of their skin type.  Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Glycerin, Sodium PCA and many different sugars heave long been known as effective hydrators that provide precious moisture to the skin.   Because hydrators are well known as being effective moisturizers they are readily accepted by consumers as a way to get water into the skin without adding emollients or occlusive oils which may or may not be indicated.  But, the way we think about skin hydration is changing.  We have discovered that long term cellular hydration means more than just introducing moisture to the skin.  You need to be able to get that moisture inside skin cells where they can provide positive changes to the skin.

It has been discovered that there are little water channels found in the membrane walls of skin cells.  These are responsible for allowing moisture to pass through to the cell’s interior. They are called aquaporins. These membrane-channeled proteins regulate and facilitate water molecules to be transported through the cell membranes.  Because of this discovery, we now  understand how the cell’s internal plumbing system transports not only water, but also glycerol, urea, natural moisturizing factors etcetera, through the epidermis.

Like other skin proteins, the number of these water channels decline with age.  You may be hydrating your skin, but it’s possible that little water is actually being delivered inside the cells. This leaves skin looking flat, dull and lackluster.

The good news is aquaporins can be activated and rebuilt.   Molecules from a Brazilian tree called Piptadenia Columbrina increase the presence of aquaporins up to 11 times within hours of application, repairing the damaged stratum corneum and re-densifying the dermis.  With continued use the presences of other humectants further hydrate the skin.

A great source of this performance ingredient is found in Elizabeth Renee’s Revitalize Cell Therapy serum, which includes Piptadenia Columbrina as part of its A-list of revolutionary anti-aging ingredients, and works best when applied daily.  For a concentrated boost of Piptadenia Columbrina you should try a Cell Youth Facial which uses micro-current to aid in further penetration of this hydration stimulating ingredient deep into the skin.



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