Pout Perfect


The color story right now is all about lips. So, get ready to pucker up!  Your mother’s lipstick formulas just won’t do.  It’s time to explore something new. Change your mind, change your formula and change the age you’re being perceived at – to something a little more current, a little more polished and definitely more fun.

Whether you want nude, natural, bright or bold the texture you choose is just as important as the color.  The newer formulas have a matte like intrigue, even when choosing a satin finish.  They have more coverage and more payoff for a prettier lip.

Full Spectrum 2


NEW! Cream Lipsticks

The newest cream formulas are opulent, creamy, intensely-pigmented and bathe your lips with moisture. They glide over lips with powerful and enduring pigments and a blend of moisture-rich oils, butters and waxes that help lips remain supple, comfortable and soft. Antioxidant Vitamin E helps keep lips protected, conditioned and hydrated throughout the day. My favorites…

Seductive Scarlet

Seductive Scarlet

I’ve always felt a little conspicuous wearing red, but this red is perfect even for the faint of heart.  A cool brown red, it’s sexy and smart and makes me feel like a grownup.  With my maturing skin, I always wear a Professional Lip Primer underneath.  It smoothes lines (works great to smooth lip lines above the lips).  Primer also extends lipstick wear and makes lips appear fuller and more sensuous. I always finish with a drop of Plumping Gloss (try Enchanted).


Naughty Nude

Most days I go for nude lips.  This formula is about accentuating the good. It’s a cool brown, beige. Lips look soft and creamy and it gives just enough color to perk up your skin.  Still subtle and casual, but I bit more refined.  I still wear my Professional Lip Primer underneath, that goes without saying for all these new formulas.  My secret lip trick is to apply LipToxyl X3 at night, it boosts hydration and collagen synthesis to banish wrinkles and build fullness and volume.


Playful Peach

This is a creamy neutral pink with warm undertones that perfectly syncs with client’s complexions that have medium to light golden undertone.  This fun shade perks up their skin while it adds definition and a subtle pop of color. Ballet Waterproof Gel Liner compliments this shade as it insures definition and keeps this lipstick in place all day.

NEW! Satin Lipsticks

Full on mattes are also in vogue right now, especially if you’re very young with a perfect complexion.  For the rest of us, the new satins are more forgiving and more wearable.  This great new formula not only offers a richer payoff, but they’re not that shiny, glittery, metallic frost that you’ve experienced in the past.  Instead, you get a lush, rich texture that shapes your lips to perfection.  This wonderful, full on formula presents a look that is current and sophisticated.  As with the new creams, the new satins look best when partnered with a line smoothing lip primer.

Newbury street

Newbury Street

This is a natural, neutral pink with a warm, yellow undertone that compliments most complexions who want the most subtle finish for their lips.  The rich texture gives a matte shine that supplies a finished look, even though it enjoys a quiet color.  I usually apply this to slightly warmer skin tones but I still keep it in my own makeup bag. It looks great even r with my cooler skin tone, on casual jean days.

Highland Park

Highland Park

This perky pink color has cool, violet undertones.  It’s fervently feminine color is so much fun to wear. It is especially appreciated on warm summer nights, shopping in the city or trying to create a festive, holiday mood. One of my absolute favorites in my personal makeup bag.  Don’t forget to pop your primer in the same bag.

Bourbon street

Bourbon Street

This is a beautiful, warm coppery color, rich with yellow undertones. It’s deep velvety color and creamy satin texture inspires a look of confident, capable style.  Very smart and sophisticated.  It completes the look you want when transitioning to a cozier autumn wardrobe.  Great for a professional look or mastering your overall finished look.


At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa, you’ll find 30 new shades in pout perfect colors and textures.

Shop our online store.   Enter NEW in the search field to view all 30 new shades.


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