Hydro-Facial Plus

This new skin drenching, hydrodermabrasion treatment has quickly become our most popular hydrating, anti-aging facial.  But, make sure you request this facial by name (Hydro-Facial Plus) to reserve the equipment needed or you might miss out on this truly amazing experience. Here’s why:

The Hydro-Facial Plus uses hydrodermabrasion technology.  It’s a skin drenching and deeply hydrating exfoliating treatment,  to the point where you’ll notice a dramatic difference, as you emerge with a fresh comfortable glow that will make you smile and eager for your next visit.

It exfoliates using  a diamond tip similar to Microdermabrasion and Bio Brasion. But, while microdermabrasion merely abrades the skin with crystals, hydrodermabrasion takes your exfoliation treatment to a deeper level by adding intensive hydration therapy and potent anti-aging actives to your service.

  • A diamond tipped exfoliating wand gently infuses personalized, exfoliating solutions (salicylic, lactic acid or vitamin C peels) into your skin to enhance the exfoliation process to encourage removal of layers of dull, worn out cells.
    What’s new: At the same time you’re getting this great exfoliation the treatment immerses pure moisture deep into the skin via vortex technology.  Your skin is not only brighter and smoother but incredibly hydrated.
  • A second pass is done using spiral tips which help soften, loosen and extract impurities from the pores to give you a clearer skin without the undue stress that often occurs with other forms of extractions.
  • The third pass continues the hydration process by adding the super humectant, hyaluronic acid plus anti-aging, cell signaling peptides like:
    • Oligopeptides – a great promoter of collagen – think Matrixyl.
    • Tetrapeptides – to reduce inflammation – key for warding off wrinkles.
    • Acetyl Hexapeptide – to inhibit visible expression lines – think Argireline.
  • Oxygen Therapy is done at the end of the treatment to calm, soothe and heal the skin.  It drenches your skin with health promoting and anti-aging antioxidants.  Here are a few of my favorites:
    • Green Tea Extract – This anti-inflammatory antioxidant helps reduce sun damage as it stimulates autophagy (cell repair and cell recycling).
    • Fucus Vesiculosis (Seaweed) -An exceptional extremophile (a plant exposed to harsh environmental conditions resulting in defense mechanisms that help awaken dormant stem cells to activate repair and rebuild a youthful firmness for a smoother, healthier complexion.
    • Resveratrol – A powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and UV damage and is also a powerful booster of autophagy. (More on autophagy in a later post.)
    • Copper PCA – Improves skin elasticity, firmness, and thickness while reducing photo-damage and inflammation.

Sounds wonderful?  Well actually this is not the entire Hydro-Facial Plus facial.  What I’ve just described is the Hydro-Facial Treatment, a quick 45 minute treatment that does wonderful things to improve your skin in a short amount of time.  So, if you’re always in a hurry this is the treatment to get.

So what more could you want?  The full 90 minute facial treatment also includes an LED Light Treatment to boost energy in your skin and minimize wrinkles.

Pretty soon you will start to hear in the media more about the two major things you need to do for long term anti-aging and longevity for your skin. First, is to reduce inflammation (to prevent breakdown of the skin and eventually leads to aging) and second, is to increase energy (which promotes repair and enhances cell metabolism).

Effective hydration, oxygen therapy and antioxidants are powerful tools for reducing inflammation.

A very effective way to boost energy in skin cells for anti-aging repair is through the use of specific waves of LED light.  Here’s what the science says:

Light therapy increases production of ATP (the energy currency of your cells) and the modulation of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and, according to a Harvard University paper, “these effects in turn lead to increased cell proliferation and migration (particularly by fibroblasts), modulation in levels of cytokines, growth factors and inflammatory mediators, and increased tissue oxygenation.”

I’m a big fan of LED light treatments.  I even have an LED light I use at home.  This portion of the treatment is an important tool for upregulating energy and slowing down aging.  For more information read our article, “It’s All About Energy.”

By the way, the LED treatment is super soothing and relaxing, many of my clients fall asleep during treatment.  We follow LED with a wonderfully relaxing massage to destress the skin, rid it of toxins, hydrate and condition the skin.

Try a HYDRO-FACIAL PLUS TODAY, you will truly love this facial!

Hydro-Facial plus

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