Best Facial for Sensitive/Problem Skin.

If you have clogged pores and sensitive skin you probably know you need help from an esthetician to clear those pores and reduce breakouts but… you’re afraid.  The last time you had a facial your skin was beet red for days.  Not worth it.  So, how do you achieve clear skin and avoid feeling like you just left a war zone?

Try an Elizabeth Renee Cold Fusion Recovery Facial.  This facial focuses on the idea that you must calm inflammation first, so your skin can heal.  That is why we skip the harsh acid peels, abrasive brushing and drying and irritating masques that are typical of a Problem Skin Facial.

Cold Fusion Recovery Facial:

  1. We always start with gentle cleansing and a good look at your skin to evaluate what’s going on with your epidermis. We then offer valuable advice pertaining to how things like diet, stress, sleep and home care choices are key when it comes to the health of your skin. Instead of choosing the typical acne foaming cleanser  (laden with detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate which only serve to irritate, dry and increase inflammation) we choose something milder that will gently dissolve oil and follow with a soothing toner that calms and takes down redness.
  2. A peel is important because we have to get rid of those layers of dead cells which have hardened in the pores; backing up oil and trapping in bacteria.  But, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are often just too irritating – the resulting redness is a problem.  So, we choose an enzyme based peel.  The peel is based on the enzyme Pancreatin.  What’s so special about this smart proteolytic (protein digesting) enzyme is that it only attacks dead protein matter.  That means it leaves the living cells alone – so you don’t get irritated as we remove those pesky hardened dead cells.
  3. It may sound surprising to you but we do use steam with this facial.  The steam will activate the peel, melt solid oil for easier removal and has an antibacterial effect to clear blemishes.  The important thing to remember with steam is that you don’t steam too long and you don’t steam too close. Five minutes will do the trick without overheating the skin. We do not follow the steam with brushes which are just too irritating for sensitive skin.
  4. You want to continue the hydration process of the facial.  Yes, oily skin can become dehydrated too – especially if you’re using acne products which are not really optimal for your sensitive skin.   So, after the steam we ensure the uptake of moisture by performing a light massage. This massage should include lymphatic drainage techniques which help detoxify the skin and bring in healing oxygen.
  5. Before your esthetician performs extractions to clear pores of debris, it is extremely helpful to further increase exfoliation on localized areas that are particularly clogged or may be a challenge to clean. This can be done safely using a SonoPeel (ultrasound exfoliation). This is a gentle, non-chemical peel that relies on gentle vibration to dislodge oil and dead cells. On skin that is particularly sensitive this may be done in lieu of extractions.
  6. Extractions should be judiciously performed. That means that the esthetician should only extract what is ready.  Any inflamed blemish that hasn’t come to a head yet should be left alone.  Open and closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) need to be soft enough for fairly easy removal.  Trust the judgement of your experienced esthetician.  High Frequency is an imperative tool to heal blemishes and stop bacterial proliferation and is used following extractions.
  7. Now is the time to calm everything down.  A perfect way to do this is with a Cold Fusion Masque.  This icy cold fiber masque placed on the skin draws out heat and redness.  Epidermal Growth Factors are the active ingredients that jump start healing and skin repair. The effectiveness of this masque is amplified when the esthetician performs cryotherapy using icy glass globes over the masque. It is known that cold therapy reduces inflammation and stimulates autophagy – a method of cell recycling that kills old senescent cells, then recycles proteins to create newer, healthier (and younger looking) skin.
    Ahhh, you feel so refreshed when you leave the treatment room and now you’re ready to face the world anew.

Book a Cold Fusion Recovery Facial Here.




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