5 Minute Makeup for Mature Skin

I love the fun and play of doing my makeup in the morning.  It gives me a lift and makes me feel well… prettier.  But,  as I get older (I just turned 63) I don’t want to spend the time or deal with all the fuss that seems to be required.  Especially with things that require a post graduate class like the cat eye or constant maintenance, like individual lash extensions.  I just want something that is quick and easy, looks great and lasts all day.  I want something that doesn’t look so much like makeup, but like me only better.  Am I alone in this or are there others who feel like I do?

So, I developed my five minute makeup application for mature skin.  Easy steps that can make even a senior citizen like me look and feel great without the ordeal, so here it goes.

note: Always start with a clean skin that has been toned, treated and moisturized.  Also, a little eye cream adds a big plus for making makeup go on smoothly under the eye, softening the look of wrinkles.

another note: This still might be a lot of steps.  But, it’s how you apply it in an expedient and effective manner that makes the difference.  You can still do this in 5 minutes – I promise.



RetextureCream Face Primer
(20 seconds)

This exceptional primer is a must for all mature skins.  Why?  Because it brightens, hydrates and softens imperfections for a beautiful, soft focus finish.  Your foundation will glide on without creasing.  Smooth 3 pumps over your moisturizer.

pale beige

Luminous Foundation
(30 seconds)

Winter months call for  more coverage – we all get paler.  This irresistibly comfortable foundation melts into skin for fresh, undetectable coverage.  One pump is plenty.   Skip the foundation brush.  Work from the back of your hand,  Add extra on dark spots.


Botanical Shadow Primer
(20 seconds)

Sounds like an extra step but if you sweep the tiniest drop on each lid you’ll brighten the area, even out skin tone, camouflage flaws and provide the perfect canvas for creaseproof shadow. Even if you choose not to wear shadow try this alone for a more youthful look.


Dual Action Concealer
(20 seconds)

When choosing a concealer you don’t want something that acts like spackle.  Why? Because it’s going to look too “makeupy” and fall into creases.  Tap this creamy formula under eyes and atop cheek bones to effortlessly conceal as it captures a youthful glow .


Gel Eye Liner
(40 seconds)

Skip eyeshadow if you must, but don’t skip liner.  As we age our eyes fade.  You can bring back dimension with tightlining.  This is when you apply a gel liner to the underside of  the upper lashes.  A gel is long lasting, easy to apply and doesn’t dry or tug on your skin.

SPICE GIRL: A great lid color. Wear alone or with other shades.

(30 seconds total)

With the shadow primer you can get away with just liner and mascara.  But, I love eyeshadow, even though I don’t want to spend a lot of time fooling around with brushes, positioning or finding the perfect shade.

GOOD TO GOLD: A great crease color.

Cream Eyeshadows are the Answer

Cream shadows don’t need brushes.  They only take a second to apply and best of all you don’t need to worry about exact placement.  Plus, they last all day and never crease. Choose from 1 from to 3 colors.  These are the colors I wear. They’re easy soft, natural shades.


SOUL MATE: Tap on the outer “V”.



XLXL Mascara
(60 seconds)

Skip shadow if you like but mascara is essential.  XL XL Mascara really makes your eyes pop.  It takes a little extra time but you get the fullest lashes, add dimension and skip that spiky look. Apply many coats using the curve in the wand facing away from you.


Brow Tint with Fibers
(20 seconds)

We have a lot of brow products from pencils to balms.  If you’re new to brow design the easiest is Brow Tint.  It goes on like mascara, takes seconds to apply and recaptures hairs that are in short supply.  Of all our brow products it’s the least complicated.


Baked Blush
(30 seconds)

I go back and forth here, but I really think the quickest way to give cheeks some life is with a powder blush that contains a little glow.  I like to swipe it on with an angled blush brush then blend in.  This takes just a little time and lasts all day.


Powder Illuminator
(10 seconds)

When you look at a child’s face you might notice little fat pads on the balls of their cheeks that give them that wonderful, youthful plumpness.  I think it’s worth the extra ten seconds to grab a fan brush and add your own subtle glow to this area,



Lipstick and Gloss
(20 seconds)

Choose a soft color that is not too matte and not too drying.  Harsh colors really age a person.  I love the Sheer Satin Lipsticks.  One of my favorites is Beacon Street. I don’t often use liner and I add just a touch of gloss to my bottom lip then press it into my lipstick color.



Believe it or not you can get this all done in five minutes. But, if this all confuses you make an appointment at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics for a Makeup Lesson. Our makeup artists will help you learn to do your makeup in a flash.


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