Icing After Exercise

Here’s a quick skin care tip to help you create your most beautiful skin.

Pigmentation is tricky and the problem seems to increase as time marches on. The hat’s important, sunscreen is important, but did you know that heat alone can stimulate increased hyperpigmentation on the skin?

Aside from sunscreen and an application of antioxidants in the morning you might want to take the heat out of the skin by icing after you exercise, whether or not the sun was involved.

Another thing you can do is to make sure there is niacinamide in your morning serum. Niacinamide (in AGELESS and First Light Lotion) is a version of vitamin B3, which can brighten pigmentation, ease wrinkles, reduce dehydration, improve elasticity, and fight pigmentation inducing inflammation caused by the sun or working out.

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