Is Sunscreen Build-up Dulling Your Skin?

Sunscreen is a necessary evil to ward off winkles, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer, but applying it every day can lead to a dull film that can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Not what you want for your skin.

One way to undo this annoying effect is by getting a deep pore cleansing facial. Not just any deep pore facial. You want to find one that does more than just extractions. It must include an exfoliating peel (with either vegetable enzymes or active AHAs) to take off the layers of dull surface cells. Follow this with a micro-oxygenating plant bubble mask. It works like little effervescent scrubbing bubbles to go down deep into the pores, loosening up dead skin cells, hardened sebum and stubborn sunscreen build-up. This makes extractions much easier and productive. Plus it offers sun protection in the form of plant antioxidants containing high amounts of polyphenols.

Polyphenols (abundant in green tea) can help repair and rejuvenate your skin by protecting your skin from oxidative damage from the sun and by reducing inflammation. Polyphenols help reverse signs of aging like sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles so you should also include them in your morning serum for daily use. Try Sunrise Solution from Elizabeth Renee Esthetics.

Enter Elizabeth Renee’s Phyto Bubbles deep pore cleansing facial. The perfect deep pore cleansing facial which renews your skin in a way that it becomes refreshed, well nourished and super hydrated.


Check it out.

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