MICROCHANNELING REJUVENATION – The next big thing in skincare.

MICROCHANNELING REJUVENATION –  The next big thing in skincare.

Next time you have a spa visit it will be worth your while to check out MicroChanneling Rejuvenation treatments.  I’m a huge fan and feel this is the next big thing in professional skincare. That’s because it’s minimally invasive and provides dramatic results which have been scientifically supported.  Your skin will look instantly better, plumper, smoother, healthier and more radiant. Check out this list of benefits you get from MicroChanneling Rejuvenation:

  1. Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation breaks up irregular cross linked collagen fibers that often results in wrinkles and that thick, dull, leathery look so many of us want to erase.  At the same time it dramatically stimulates repair factors to produce a healthy supply of the right kind of collagen along with elastin, and glycosaminoglycans for a smoother, firmer complexion.


  2. Volumizing:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation uses a unique stamping method that creates tiny micro columns in the skin that go down to the base of the epidermis where it stimulates fibroblasts to produce the new collagen fibers in an upward fashion.  This enhances the thickness and strength of your skin in the dermal layer.  In the epidermis it stimulates keratinocytes to create a thicker, more organized epithelial layer.  This is not the kind of unhealthy thickness that comes from an accumulation of corneocytes as a result of sun damage, but the increased keratinocytes which are fresh, vibrant, plump and well hydrated.


  3. Helps Reduce Age Spots:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation aids in exfoliation of the top layers of skin to minimize age spots.  It also increases penetration of cytokines which help normalize melanin production (the pigment producing cells in your skin) thus encouraging a more even toned complexion.


  4. Acne Scarring:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation can help reduce acne scarring by helping to break down unorganized scar tissue and stimulating the skin to produce new collagen that is laid down in a healthy columnar fashion as opposed to flat striated layers.


  5. Premature Skin Aging:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation not only minimizes wrinkles, it stimulates energy in keratinocytes which wakes up fibroblasts to encourage skin to repair and replace cells in a way that’s similar to the way your younger cells used to do – minimizing future wrinkles.


  6. Pore Size:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation helps to normalize the sizes of pores that have been expanded over time – especially those around the nose and cheeks which may be the result of the flattening of the dermis which occurs with age.  By producing healthier collagen and healthy thickening of the epidermis the pore size appears smaller.


  7. Reduces Clogged Pores:
    MicroChanneling Rejuvenation perforates the skin to loosen and dislodge hardened oil found in clogged pores.


Not to be confused with Micro-Needling Treatments that are rolled or glided over the skin. Those micro-needling treatments of the past dragged over the skin creating uneven cuts or tears that caused unnecessary inflammation.   Even fractional lasers rely on intensely high temperatures which create damage before it jump-starts wound healing and collagen production.  MicroChanneling Rejuvenation uses tiny needles that only go down to the dermal/epidermal junction.  This way it excites cytokines to go into repair mode without causing excessive damage, and without unnecessary downtime, discomfort or inflammation.

How many Treatments Do you Need?

The number of treatments range greatly depending on what we are treating:

  • For light anti-aging: 1-3 treatments are recommended.
  • For deeper wrinkles or acne scarring at least 6 treatments may be required.
  • There is no limit to the number of treatments that one can receive as long as adequate time passes between each treatment.
  • The ideal time between treatments is 4 weeks.
  • We encourage you to have them in-between your regular facial treatments.
  • You can purchase a series of 3 or 6 treatments for a reduced price.

MicroChanneling Rejuvenation creates invisible micro-perforations which stimulate cells called keratinocytes to produce new collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and healthy epithelial cells.  It does this by stimulating the healing cascade of cytokines, which is a natural part of your body’s repair mechanism.

Visible improvements in aging skin, acne scarring, uneven pigmentation and overall tone and texture are real with MicroChanneling Rejuvenation.  With our expertise, we can show you how to make those results last!

For a limited time you can experience your first MicroChanneling Rejuvenation Treatment and save $50 off the regular price of $300. 

Book this special now.



Pout Perfect

Pout Perfect


The color story right now is all about lips. So, get ready to pucker up!  Your mother’s lipstick formulas just won’t do.  It’s time to explore something new. Change your mind, change your formula and change the age you’re being perceived at – to something a little more current, a little more polished and definitely more fun.

Whether you want nude, natural, bright or bold the texture you choose is just as important as the color.  The newer formulas have a matte like intrigue, even when choosing a satin finish.  They have more coverage and more payoff for a prettier lip.

Full Spectrum 2


NEW! Cream Lipsticks

The newest cream formulas are opulent, creamy, intensely-pigmented and bathe your lips with moisture. They glide over lips with powerful and enduring pigments and a blend of moisture-rich oils, butters and waxes that help lips remain supple, comfortable and soft. Antioxidant Vitamin E helps keep lips protected, conditioned and hydrated throughout the day. My favorites…

Seductive Scarlet

Seductive Scarlet

I’ve always felt a little conspicuous wearing red, but this red is perfect even for the faint of heart.  A cool brown red, it’s sexy and smart and makes me feel like a grownup.  With my maturing skin, I always wear a Professional Lip Primer underneath.  It smoothes lines (works great to smooth lip lines above the lips).  Primer also extends lipstick wear and makes lips appear fuller and more sensuous. I always finish with a drop of Plumping Gloss (try Enchanted).


Naughty Nude

Most days I go for nude lips.  This formula is about accentuating the good. It’s a cool brown, beige. Lips look soft and creamy and it gives just enough color to perk up your skin.  Still subtle and casual, but I bit more refined.  I still wear my Professional Lip Primer underneath, that goes without saying for all these new formulas.  My secret lip trick is to apply LipToxyl X3 at night, it boosts hydration and collagen synthesis to banish wrinkles and build fullness and volume.


Playful Peach

This is a creamy neutral pink with warm undertones that perfectly syncs with client’s complexions that have medium to light golden undertone.  This fun shade perks up their skin while it adds definition and a subtle pop of color. Ballet Waterproof Gel Liner compliments this shade as it insures definition and keeps this lipstick in place all day.

NEW! Satin Lipsticks

Full on mattes are also in vogue right now, especially if you’re very young with a perfect complexion.  For the rest of us, the new satins are more forgiving and more wearable.  This great new formula not only offers a richer payoff, but they’re not that shiny, glittery, metallic frost that you’ve experienced in the past.  Instead, you get a lush, rich texture that shapes your lips to perfection.  This wonderful, full on formula presents a look that is current and sophisticated.  As with the new creams, the new satins look best when partnered with a line smoothing lip primer.

Newbury street

Newbury Street

This is a natural, neutral pink with a warm, yellow undertone that compliments most complexions who want the most subtle finish for their lips.  The rich texture gives a matte shine that supplies a finished look, even though it enjoys a quiet color.  I usually apply this to slightly warmer skin tones but I still keep it in my own makeup bag. It looks great even r with my cooler skin tone, on casual jean days.

Highland Park

Highland Park

This perky pink color has cool, violet undertones.  It’s fervently feminine color is so much fun to wear. It is especially appreciated on warm summer nights, shopping in the city or trying to create a festive, holiday mood. One of my absolute favorites in my personal makeup bag.  Don’t forget to pop your primer in the same bag.

Bourbon street

Bourbon Street

This is a beautiful, warm coppery color, rich with yellow undertones. It’s deep velvety color and creamy satin texture inspires a look of confident, capable style.  Very smart and sophisticated.  It completes the look you want when transitioning to a cozier autumn wardrobe.  Great for a professional look or mastering your overall finished look.


At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa, you’ll find 30 new shades in pout perfect colors and textures.

Shop our online store.   Enter NEW in the search field to view all 30 new shades.


What’s So Important about Skin Hydration?

What’s So Important about Skin Hydration?


Water is the basic substance in our skin and throughout our body that transports vitamins and nutrients to skin cells.  This keeps them plump, healthy, alive, resilient and younger looking.  In order for your skin to protect itself from UV radiation, micro organisms and toxic agents, it must be kept adequately hydrated. Hydrated skin will remain flexible and allow your protective barrier to remain intact. If skin is broken, environmental factors can damage our bodies and cause exacerbated water loss, feeding a cyclical pattern of more damage due to further dehydration.

The primary way one can make sure that their skin is well hydrated is to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water or fluids without caffeine daily.  Caffeine should be avoided as it acts as a natural diuretic which takes fluid away from skin.  Skin hydration is very important no matter what a person’s age or skin type. This is true even if you have oily skin.  Oily skin may have a layer of sebum on the surface, yet could be dehydrated underneath.  This lack of moisture in the skin means it’s protective barrier has been compromised.  The result is skin that is less able to defend itself against irritation, inflammation and an onslaught of bacteria.  So, drink up.

Beyond drinking water, you need to wear a hydrating moisturizer every day.  Many skin types get oilier during the summer.  This doesn’t mean you can skip your moisturizer, it just means it might be time to change your moisturizing formula. Try a lighter formula that focuses on humectants.  These are ingredients that don’t add oil.  Instead they have a special talent for grabbing onto moisture and holding it in the skin. Some of the best humectants include glycerin, glycolic acid, sodium lactate, sodium PCA, aloe, honey and seaweed, but the superstar of all humectants is hyaluronic acid.


The reason Hyaluronic Acid is the superstar is because of it’s amazing ability to hold onto about 1,000 times it’s weight in water.  Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin’s dermal layer and gives skin a plump, fresh look.  It supports all those important skin firming collagen and elastin fibers you keep hearing about. It also supplies a medium for water to feed cells as well as support other master cells that are responsible for the manufacture of collagen and elastin.

In skin care products Hyaluronic Acid is made up of very large molecules that have difficulty penetrating the skin.  Studies have shown however, that applied serums containing hyaluronic acid can draw moisture transdermally from the lower layers of the dermis.


Humectants are key ingredients in cleansers, lotions and serums that hydrate the skin by attracting water like a magnet, locking in moisture. Chemically speaking, humectants form hydrogen bonds with water molecules. Humectants are extremely important in keeping skin soft and supple.

Humectants also draw water up from the dermis (the second layer of skin) into the epidermis (the outer layer) and, if humidity is above 70 percent, they can even draw in moisture from the air.  Humectants increase the amount of water that the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis) can hold. This helps repair dry, cracked skin by providing maximum hydration and reducing skin irritation.

Some humectants also encourage exfoliation, by dissolving the glue that holds surface skin cells together. Then they act as a barrier by preventing outside chemicals from making contact with the dermis.


When the weather is dry, particularly in winter or in arid climates, humectants can actually pull moisture away from the skin. Using a moisturizer that contains occlusive ingredients can counteract this loss of moisture.  Occlusives are generally richer in texture and more oily by nature. Occlusives help the stratum corneum retain moisture by creating a barrier layer of lipids.   Emollients help to soften the skin as well as providing this same type of barrier. Lipids are a natural barrier that helps protect your skin against dehydration.  There are ingredients like dimethicone and Shea Butter which mimic the natural lipids your skin should be producing.

Some new ingredients will actually stimulate your skin’s ability to produce more lipids. One such ingredient is a derivative of rosemary extract called ursolic acid, which is also a great antioxidant.


Your cleanser, toner, exfoliant and masque can all contribute to hydration or dehydration depending on your choices.  Choose your cleanser to match your skin type.  How much emollients vs. humectants do you really need?  Alcohol free toners that contain Sodium PCA or Seaweed extracts are great hydrators, without adding occlusive ingredients.  Moisturizers often contain a mix of emollients and humectants.

If you’re looking for the most effective humectant providing products you’ll find them as serum based. A respectable hydrating serum contains the right dosage of hyaluronic acid.  Products that claim 100% hyaluronic acid are just not being accurate.  Since hyaluronic acid is a solid, 100% hyaluronic acid would also be a solid which is very difficult to get into the skin.  You’ll probably find hyaluronic acid listed as sodium hyaluronate.  Sodium hyaluronate is the salt of hyaluronic acid and it has a much lower molecular size. This gives it the ability to penetrate skin when applied topically, which is why it works in creams and other potions.


One of the best reasons for splurging for a facial is because this gives you an opportunity to have an expert work with your skin for an hour or more.  This way she can make superior recommendations on which products to choose and how to get the best results for your skin.

You just can’t revive or rehydrate dead cells.  Having a spa strengthened peel is the best way to exfoliate away those dead or very dehydrated cells on the skin’s surface.  This will reveal those younger, fresher, well hydrated cells underneath.  For most skin types, peels are the most productive step of the facial.  Then your skin is ready for steam, super humectants and valuable repair factors that create that extraordinary complexion we all crave.


How to Make the New Makeup Trends Work for Mature Skin.

How to Make the New Makeup Trends Work for Mature Skin.

This spring’s makeup trends have some fun and exciting looks, but what works on the runway may be too outrageous for your everyday wear. An even greater consideration is, these looks can be far from flattering and even age your look. So with that in mind, we’ve tweaked the most current makeup trends to create fresher, more natural and wearable looks.

  1. The Trend: Perfection Redefined.It’s all about perfectly smooth skin. But, if you usually apply foundation immediately after your moisturize you may notice the product sinking into lines, accentuating imperfections.


Try this instead…

It’s deceptively simple and sincerely sensational. Using Retexturizing Face Primer under foundation starts you off with a smooth canvas that allows makeup to go on looking fresh, clean and contemporary. It not only blurs lines and boosts hydration; it makes for easy touchups during the day when you find yourself in that afternoon slump.



  1. The Trend: Auto Correction.

    Struggling with redness, dark circles or dark spots? Perfect skin means color correction. But, when concealers seem too heavy or less than skin-like, take your concealer routine to the next level.



Instantly neutralize and correct skin imperfections like a pro. Infused with photo-reflective pigments, these feather-light, buildable formulas work little miracles for your skin. Plus, Bio-botanicals gently soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Lime Color Corrector Pen – hides red imperfections

Lilac Color Corrector Pen – helps undo yellow undertones.

Chiffon Color Corrector Pen – blurs and fades blue undertones.


3.  The Trend: Full On Luminous Coverage.

Instead of matte, the look implies an inner glow. Foundation is smooth, with even, full coverage that show minimal imperfections. But, when you’ve tried full coverage foundation and you’ve found your skin looks dull and dry….


Reimagine complete luminous coverage that offers a fresher look. With Elizabeth Renee’s Light Illusion Foundation (and the right technique for proper application) you’ve set the stage for a flawless color story. Come in and have your foundation applied by a professional. We have your shade.




  1. The Trend: Glossy Lids

There are many fanciful eye shadow stories strutting down the runway this season. Often using a mixture of gloss and shadow swiped across the lids. This is a bit unrealistic when you want your makeup to stay fresh and flattering throughout the day.


This season keep it simple. Apply just one or two shades of cream shadow in naturally flattering tones that capture a bit of warmth from the sun. Cream Shadow in Spice Girl makes a great, easy wash across your lids. Pair it with Tip Taupe for a little more dimension.





  1. The Trend: Big Shot Lashes

    False lashes and lash extensions are still in vogue. Many of our clients love to indulge in our lush lash extension services. But, others find themselves at the point in their lives where simplifying becomes top priority.


Mature eyes need to focus on thickening, not lengthening, which is more likely to frame and define your eyes.  This spring Elizabeth Renee will introduce our new XLXL Mascara. It’s the mascara your you’ve been longing for. This advanced formula delivers maximum fullness, exceptional lift and superior separation.  To be introduced mid-spring.


  1. The Trend: Saturated Lips

    Big, bold saturated lips in semi-matte formulas are everywhere. Definitely the top trend for the season. It can be a flattering look for maturing faces because you get a boost of color that brightens your face. But, long lasting matte lipsticks can also be unforgiving as they falls into creases and dry the lips.

LIP STAIN 06Try this instead…

Change out a heavier formula for a lip stain. It’s not a gloss.  Our new Lip Stains deliver buildable-coverage with a dose of long lasting gorgeous color that protects and moisturizes without feeling sticky or tacky.

Colors: 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08.

Hint hint: Don’t forget to prime & plump with

Liptoxyl X3.



  1. The Trend: Smudged and Smoked

According to Harper’s Bazaar, eyeliner should be worn only one-way in spring 2017, “smudgy and imperfect”. Makeup artists gravitated toward shades of black and gray (as we all do), but also experimented with navy and various shades of brown. But the color didn’t matter as much as the application: either traced in the waterline or randomly smudged across the lids, or both.

GEL EYELINER IN NOIRTry this instead…

It may have taken you months to perfect, but consider leaving                  your black cat-eye liner behind in 2016. This year’s go-to liner is all about black gel pencil liners, traced along your waterline. Mature skin types might want to go a bit softer, choosing a liner that fits your hair, skin and eye color. Don’t line equally on top and bottom. Try a longwearing, not drying gel like Noir on the waterline on top line only. Then, line top and under lashes with a soft brown or grey powder shadow.



  1. The Trend: A Boy Story

Brows continue to get top focus. The shape on many models during fashion week was less angular (boy-like), but still strong and three-dimensional. Is this your desired look?


Don’t underestimate brows for reinforcing a strong, vital eye story. But, shape, style and dimension can be delivered in a more flattering way when you enhance your own, natural brow shape. Our new Brow Shaper Kits offer a 3-in-1 system that creates a perfectly textured, gorgeous brow. The Wax Base, Sticky Powder and Fiber Powder all add natural fullness and wonderful dimension to your brows.



  1. The Trend: Glow Getters

The glitter trend is still going strong (blame Instagram). This year, try to wear it in a less precise manner than you’ve tried before. Scatter it across the tops of your cheekbones and through the t-zone, allowing flecks to fall where they might. The less perfect it looks, the more perfect it is.


I do like this trend, even for my 60+ face. And I’m addicted to our Powder Illuminators, which are ultra-creamy and give the complexion a fresh radiant, highlighting experience. However, a great option for mature skin clients who want the glow but in a more subtle fashion will love Liquid Luminosity (in Starlight or Moonlight). It’s the simplest way to achieve the perfect amount of natural radiance.



  1. The Trend: Resetting Your Skin

We can’t talk about trends without throwing in a little skincare. And, we can’t do that without mentioning how big charcoal masques have become. Besides, you want to start your spring skincare by ousting that dull, winter dry skin. The problem is, most charcoal masques were made for your daughter and tend to draw out precious moisture and lipids along with blackheads and dead cells.

CLEAN SLATETry this instead…

Wipe away winter dullness with Elizabeth Renee’s Clean Slate Exfoliating Masque. It not only has charcoal for pore purging, but a wonderful blend of skin AHAs with an emphasis on brightening. Then, after masking a bit, add water and a gently massage to call up volcanic buffing beads to complete the exfoliating process. Mature skins must follow up with a hydrating masque. Our ever-popular Azulene Soothing Masque creates a wonderful starting point for flawless makeup.


What’s Trending at Elizabeth Renee?

What’s Trending at Elizabeth Renee?

At Elizabeth Renee we only have two product sales a year. Clients wait patiently to take advantage of these great savings. Right now we are in the middle of our Valentine’s Day Sale. Before you make your purchases we thought you’d like to take a peek at what popular products are being swept off the shelves right now. So here is a snapshot of our top 10 best selling skincare products.

1. C & E Antioxidant Serum – This has been our most desired serum for years. That’s because it not only offers extra protection against sun damage and other environmental agers, but it builds skin firming collagen and even diminishes old blemish marks.

2. The Pink Cream – Loved by everyone with sensitive skin. Natural moisturizing factors reduce signs of aging and stop trans-epidermal water loss that results in dehydration. Skin becomes supple, smooth and more comfortable.

3. Getting Even – This state-of-the-art AHA blend incorporates Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids to dissolve rough dead cells. The new skin revealed is fresher and more vibrant. Making it ready to absorb your anti-aging and skin correcting serums.

4. Environmental Protection – It’s winter! You need extra protection from the dry, arid winter air that robs your skin of moisture. Just a drop of this emollient serum acts as an overcoat for your skin.

5. Hydraessence – This oil free hydration serum is super effective for all skin types, to fight dehydration by grabbing onto moisture. It features hyaluronic acid: the super humectant that holds up to 1000x’s its weight in water.

6. Hawaiian Seaweed Moisture Cream – This wonderfully rich moisturizer is perfect for correcting and protecting sun damaged skin. It does so by strengthening skin’s resistance to environmental agers.

7. Calming Chamomile Cleanser – Choosing the right cleanser is paramount for preparing your skin to gain great results from the rest of your regime. This is our most popular of our twelve cleansers.  The azulene in this formula helps to soothe  and comfort sensitive skin.

8. Aloemist Toner – Think you can skip this step? This ever popular alcohol free toner is so important for removing impurities in tap water that dull your skin, clog your pores, adds to dehydration and prevents penetration of those precious treatment products of yours.

9. Crepe Escape – This neck treatment has become so popular! Why? Because, when used regutlarly, apple stem cells found in this formula help wake up your own sleepy stem cells to prompt skin to repair itself. This cream gives this difficult area a smoother, younger look.

10. Revitalize Cell Therapy – This superstar product activates skin to act like a younger version of itself. Because of its ability to stimulate sleepy stem cells, increase cells ability to take in more water, increase cellular energy, increase antioxidant protection and boost skins repair mechanism.  It’s not only our most powerful corrective anti-aging serum, but also our most popular.

Click on product names to find out more.

Antioxidant Superfruits for Your Skin

Antioxidant Superfruits for Your Skin

Sunrise Solution

By now you realize that antioxidants are essential nutrients that protect your skin and slow overall aging by capturing and neutralizing damaging free radicals.  That’s why you just ordered that freshly pressed green-drink, for its mega amounts of antioxidant vitamins.

But, if you’re already eating right, keeping your skin clean, well hydrated and exfoliated will adding a serum rich in antioxidants really make a difference for your skin?  Well that depends. Do you digress from your well intentioned diet?  Do you live a life free of sun damage and stress?  Do you refrain from smoking, sugar and alcoholic beverages?  Are you actively athletic?  All these factors create free radical damage that will eventually catch up with you and age your skin.

Enter Vitamin C & E Antioxidant Serum:  This is the tried and true gold standard antioxidant combination to help fight environmental agers.  There have been numerous studies that show the effectiveness of C & E to protect against sun induced free radical damage as well as brightening the skin and promoting skin firming collagen.  Specifically, C & E protects against oxidative stress (IE cross linking of collagen fibers) which eventually leads to sagging skin, unwanted pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.  So if you’re not using a Vitamin C & E Antioxidant Serum daily, now is the time to start.

Why a serum?  Eating vitamin rich fruits and veggies is important, but realize that your skin is the last organ to receive their benefits.  However, our skin is like a sponge.  We can absorb up to 60% of some antioxidants through the skin. A serum is more concentrated than a cream and incorporates a delivery system to penetrate those important antioxidant ingredients.

Realizing it’s impossible to get enough antioxidants to entirely eliminate all free radical damage, you may want to do a little more.  Consider adding a boost of concentrated superfruits to your antioxidant serum.  Here are six of our favorite superfruits which we recommend adding to your repertoire. These superfruits are top high functioning, vitamin packed health foods and can be found in Elizabeth Renee’s Sunrise Solution.

Here is our A-List:

  • Acai Berries
    acaiThe Acai fruit does, in fact, contain a truly amazing nutrient profile with a combination of essential fatty acids that supports cell structure. plus B & C vitamins. And just as importantly, the Acai fruit is rich in anthocyanins and phenols.  These powerful antioxidants help rejuvenate skin and calm inflammation.
  •  Goji Berries
    gogi berriesThe most exciting benefit from Goji Berries is its anti-aging potential. It includes minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium. All which fight free radicals, and many that encourage the production of collagen and elastin. It’s also rich in amino acids, the building blocks for proteins which help fill fine lines, smooth skin, and improve tone and color. Goji berries have also been shown to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, increasing the skin’s energy and the ability to regenerate itself.
  • Noni Fruit: 
    Noni2Noni Fruit is especially high in essential fatty acids which are the building blocks of fats and oils in the skin. These acids help to keep skin healthy by promoting the efficient functioning of cell membranes. This means cells can more readily absorb the nutrients they need while also flushing out the toxins that interfere with optimal cell function.
  • Mangosteen: 
    Mangosteen1Contain antioxidants which have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  This  is very useful for treating problem skin. It also contains catechins, an antioxidant which exerts sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays. Therefore, mangosteens work synergisticlly to enhance sun protection when used in addition to a sunscreen.
  • Pomegranates: 
    Whole And Half Of Pomegranate Isolated On White BackgroundKnown to possess enormous antioxidant activity (amongst other things), with benefits that help control both UVA and UVB damage; boosting regeneration, lessening hyperpigmentation and increasing collagen production.  Pomegranates have also been shown to enhance the topical effectiveness of sunscreens.  If anything deserves to be dubbed a Superfruit, then it is a pomegranate.
  • Coffee Berries: 
    coffeeWhen applied to your skin, polyphenolic antioxidants in Coffee Berries soak up free radicals caused by ultraviolet light.  Plant polyphenols also act as a topical anti-inflammatory agents, when applied to your skin to treat inflammatory skin conditions such as contact dermatitis, rosacea or eczema.

A combination of these superfruits can be effective when adding just one pump to your current Vitamin C & E Serum daily.  Skin types that have found they are too sensitive to use Vitamin C Serums find that this as a great alternative (use 2-3 pumps) without irritation.  Also those who live an active lifestyle outdoors have benefited from adding a layer of a serum containing superfruits daily under their sunscreen for increased sun protection.

10 Tips for your Spring Makeup Update

10 Tips for your Spring Makeup Update

Spring 2016 introduces delightful new makeup looks as well as popular carryovers from last year. It’s important to update your makeup each season to coordinate with those fun new fashions in your closet, but not all trendy makeup fits your personal style or are right for your skin type. Here are ten things to consider before updating your spring makeup:

  1. Skin Care Woman Removing MakeupSTART WITH GOOD SKIN CARE
    For makeup to look super fantastic  you need to achieve your best complexion possible. Taking daily care of your skin is essential to make that happen.  Make sure you are cleansing twice a day. Especially at night.  Makeup left on your skin makes it look dull and lifeless, clogs the pores and contributes to breakouts.

    Milky cleansers work best for makeup removal. Instead of stripping your skin and leaving pigments clinging to the pores, milky cleansers emulsify makeup which melts it away.  Waterproof makeup needs a specialized remover dedicated to this type of product.  Also, don’t forget regular exfoliation to get rid of dull, flaky cells that become obvious when you wear foundation.  Moisturizer applied right before makeup allows foundation to glide on more easily and softens the texture of your skin.


  1. skin careKNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE
    Are you oily?  Dry?  Sensitive?  Does  your skin show signs of aging, like uneven pigmentation or fine lines?  You need to match your foundation not only to your skin color but just as importantly to your skin type.   Oily skin will benefit from an oil free foundation  and the right primer will minimize large pores and reduce oil breakthrough during the day.

    Dry or maturing skin will find a smoothing primer to be one of your most essential tools in your makeup bag.  One of my favorite products, Retexturing Face Primer immediately smooths lines and takes years off my look. I carry it in my pocketbook for touch-ups during the day. Just pat on problem areas when you start to look tired.

    Does your skin have a warm, cool or neutral undertone? Not only is this important to know when choosing a foundation;  knowing your undertone helps avoid mistakes when choosing  blush, shadow, lipstick, even concealer.  Product shades are either cool, warm or neutral. There are some crossovers, but your safest bet is to choose colors from your own pallet.


  • Take a look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they are blue or purple you are probably cool. If they are green you’re warm.
  • What’s your favorite color of jewelry? Silver is cool.  Gold is warm.
  • What color clothes do you like? If you like blues, purples and bluish-greens you’re cool. If you like earthy tones like warm reds, yellows, browns and olives you’re probably warm.
  • Do you burn or tan?  Those who burn easily are usually cool skinned. Those that tan to a nice warm honey color are definitely warm.
  • Check out your natural eye and hair color. If your eyes are milky sky blue, clear blue (with white flakes, not gold), grey (with black or white flakes), or deep brown with cool blonde, dark brown, black, silver or platinum hair, you’re most likely cool-toned. If you have warm brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, auburn, or warm brown hair with gold tones, you are most likely warm-toned.


    Trends come and go. While it’s fun to keep up, make sure your new makeup colors make you feel comfortable and pretty. They don’t do any good sitting in your makeup drawer. Try meeting with a professional makeup artist. Someone who is a trained to recognize your personal style but will also offer you something fresh and new .


    It’s spring, so lighten up, and brighten up for the season. You’ve worn those deeper, duller shades all winter. Since now’s the time to update to your spring wardrobe,  coordinate it with a brighter lipstick, a pastel blush or a sun kissed bronze contour.  Be brave.  How about experimenting with one or two of the new trends.  You just might fall in love.


  1. vibrant lipsticksPLAY WITH LIPSTICKS
    The easiest place to start is with lipstick.  When you plan your meeting with a makeup artist go when you’re in a playful mood. Fun bright lipstick colors rule the day this spring. Our new collection of Vibrant Lipsticks are making for dazzling smiles.  Lipsticks are where you can easily take a chance.  Swipe one and see if you like it.  No go?  No problem.  It’s easy to wash off.

    Still, if you’re hooked on nudes; there’s a place for them in today’s fashion with plenty of style to go around. Try updating your nude lip by crating the perfect pout.   Investing in a creamy waterproof lipliner.   The color of the moment is Holly Berry, a soft, easily wearable shade that blends with a wide array of lipstick shades.


    More than a fashion statement, great looking makeup has skin perfection as its goal. If your complexion is flawed, the new correctors are wonderful formulations that are more natural and skin-like than ever before. This spring try a less heavy foundation.  You can still perfect tough areas with Liquid Powder Foundation (it covers and corrects like a concealer),  a CC Cream (which takes on your best natural color as it reduces redness), or a Blemish Concealer (oil free with blemish healing ingredients).


  1. highlight contourHIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURING
    A trend you’ll want to investigate this spring is Strobing and Shading.  New contouring creams are worn under your foundation. They melt right into your skin to shape and beautify with an almost undetectable charm. Bronzing Powders pick up the contrast between light and dark to really shape your face while sheer, creamy Illuminators easily swipe on light to perfect cheek bones and shape your face.
  1. lash tintEYELASHES
    Big news!!! Lash tints are back. Imagine waking up to perfectly smudge free peepers. Want more daring ?  Become part of the huge rage for Eyelash Extensions. Full beautiful eyelashes that are so striking, you’ll be tempted to bat them all day long.  For the traditionalist, may I suggest Volume-X Mascara to achieve your biggest lash possible or a waterproof version to carry you through workouts, a hike or a day at the the beach.
  1. blue eyesBROW TRENDS
    You can’t deny it. Big, beautiful brows are even bigger and more beautiful than before. We now carry six brow formulas, one perfect for achieving the look that fits your style. If you’re a bit squeamish about adding color to your brows, try swiping them with a mascara wand, dipped into Brow Lites Brow Tint. Try one shade lighter than your natural color.

My personal favorite brow product is our new Precision Brow Definer Pencil. All-day wear is achieved by drawing in brow hairs, then softening the look with the attached brush. To  give brows a three-dimensional color, finish with a quick stroke of the Blonde Lites Brow Tint. The color looks real with perfect all day wear-ability.

Hoped we’ve been inspired to take advantage of updating your makeup for Spring.  Remember to book Elizabeth Renee”s  Spring Makeup Update.  This 45 minute service is usually $65. but we are offering it as a complimentary service throughout the month of April, 2016.