Happy Winter

Happy Winter

And so this is winter…  It officially started on December 21st.  For me winter means the onset of an annoyingly itchy back followed by flaky skin on my legs (which hints at the necessity to wear stockings). This is just the beginning of winter weather complexion issues.  Tight, dry, flaky facial skin that increases the propensity for lines; a paler complexion which lacks life and radiance; or increased sensitivity that means red, chapped skin that can no longer tolerate your summer skin care routine (assuming you just marched along without thinking  you needed to change products and start using a richer cleanser and a more emollient moisturizer.  The key here is to act now, before these issues get out of control.


Winter air is often arid and accompanied by harsh winds that rob your skin of it’s protective oil, leaving you with an impaired lipid barrier.  Go for a moisturizer that’s extra-rich to protect your skin. Try using your night cream under your sun screen/moisturizer.  Look for a new, high tech ingredient derived from rosemary oil, called Ursolic Acid.  this amazing ingredient boosts your skin’s natural production to produce more barrier lipids found in-between surface skin cells creating a cushion that calms, softens and protects your skin.  Along with that, you need the perfect antidote for alipidic skin (skin that is not producing needed oil).  Skin  that is stripped of its own is oil should be using a facial oil.  Extra gentle facial oils contain ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Seed Oil which not only lock in moisture but help calm sensitivities.

Try Intensive Lipid Repair night cream ($55.50 at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics) or Environmental Protection for Sensitive Skin ($42.50 at Elizabeth Renee). If your skin is not too sensitive add a little anti-aging retinol to your oil with FijiGirl Facial Oil ($24.50).


Dryness and dehydration aren’t the same thing. Dry skin lacks oil while dehydrated skin lacks water. Indoor heating draws humidity out of the air.  This lack of humidity can zap water from your skin leaving it flaky, tight and rough textured.  For dehydrated skin, make sure you are exfoliating properly.  Lactic Acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that also boosts the moisture content of your skin.  Also, instead of adding extra oil to your skin try adding ingredients that attract and retain water, such as phospholipids and hyaluronic acid.

Try Hydraessence hydrating serum ($42.50 at Elizabeth Renee) and Moisture Infusion night cream ($48.50 at Elizabeth Renee).


Flakey legs in winter need extra exfoliation as well as moisture.  Legs encased in winter leggins become extremely dry and flakey. Before you apply your favorite body lotion (which should be daily) add a few drops of a glycolic acid serum to that lotion.  The glycolic acid will dissolve those dead, dry cells on your legs.  These cells must be removed because they’re past the point of rehydration.  Glycolic Serum is also exceptionally effective for Keratosis Polaris, which is those goose bump looking things you get on your upper arms.  Apply glycolic Serum neat, every day to the effective areas.

My favorite body lotion is our classic, Avocado Body Lotion (still only $18.50 at Elizabeth Renee) to which I add a couple pumps Glycolic Serum 15% ($48.50).


In winter many of us suffer from dry, chapped hands.  The best ingredient for winter dry hands is Shea Butter.  Emollient and protective, try leaving your Shea butter based hand cream on your night table to apply every night before bed.  Wearing cotton gloves over a your hand cream really improves its efficacy.

My favorite is the super rich and emollient formula is our Hand Revitalizing Treatment ($25.50 at Elizabeth Renee)


As soon as the dry, cold air appears clients are frantically searching for the best lip treatment to get them through another cold New England winter.  If your lips are at the point of peeling you must exfoliate first.  A gentle but effective way to do this is not by using your scrub (which may be too irritating for this gentle membrane).  Try using gentle enzymes to dissolve dead, peeling skin.  Follow with an effective lip protector that does not contain petrolatum. Petrolatum is okay as a short term fix but can perpetuates dryness over the long run.  Instead choose vitamins (like vitamin E) for lip repair, and take advantage of the new lip peptide therapy (think ogliopeptides) to encourage real repair.

Try Elizabeth Renee’s Lip Exfoliator ($22.50) and follow it with our client’s top choice to fight chapped lips, our Lip Treatment ($19.50).  I make sure to carry our Lip Treatment with me all the time, all winter long (and so does my grand daughter Ava).

While you’re considering the best products to treat your winter dry skin you should also be thinking about which facial to choose the next time you visit Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skincare Spa.  One of the most effective, with state-of-the-art cell therapy, to get dry maturing skin to act like a younger version of itself is our Cell Youth Facial.  Click the link to find out more about this and other Elizabeth Renee Facials.

Toner Tips

Toner Tips

Applying Toner“Why Should I Use A Toner?”
10 compelling reasons to add a
toner to your cleansing regime.

With today’s skincare regimes getting more complicated you may be looking for ways to consolidate your homecare ritual. It’s no surprise that you find yourself questioning whether or not using a toner is still a necessary step.

“After all, it kind of looks like water.”

“Isn’t a toner going to dry out my skin?”

First of all, a good toner should be alcohol free. If it feels really cool and tingly when you apply it that’s probably the feeling of alcohol or menthol evaporating the moisture out of your skin. Which will leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated. All Elizabeth Renee Toners are alcohol free. Next, you need to carefully choose a formula that’s right for your particular skin type. Take a look at

Elizabeth Renee’s Toner Page

where you’ll find a collection of formulas that each have unique properties to address the needs of your personal skin type. That being said… skipping the toner step could be a big mistake. Applying toner is one of the three most basic but important steps that include:

  1. Using a non-drying, detergent free, cleanser
  2. An alcohol free, botanically based, hydrating toner
  3. Rehydrating with a moisturizer or treatment product

Why are toners included in the big three?

Here are ten reasons why using a toner is so important:

  1. It completes the cleansing process by removing left over cleanser, oil, makeup and impurities still on the skin’s surface after you wash.
  2. It provides important water binding ingredients to hydrate your skin.
  3. It balances the pH of your skin, which protects against unwanted microbes that can lead to blemishing.
  4. It aids in the exfoliating process by removing dead surface cells, thus minimizing pores and keeping them clear.
  5. Using a toner helps reduce irritation and calms redness.
  6. A toner helps brighten uneven pigmentation and gives a radiant clarity to the skin.
  7. It provides botanically based nutrients to improve the health of your skin.
  8. It removes impurities like chlorine; sodium and bacteria found in the tap water you use to wash your face. These can dry out your skin, irritate it or contribute to clogged pores.
  9. Toners remove barriers on the surface of the skin, which prevents penetration of those expensive anti-aging serums you paid big bucks for.
  10. Toners create a moisture layer that increases the efficiency of your moisturizer, keeping your skin soft, fresh and well hydrated.

Start Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Strategy


Aging SkinHave you developed an anti-aging skin care strategy yet?  It’s never too early or too late to adopt a regime to  keep skin fit and younger looking.  While diet and lifestyle choices plus regular facial treatments should be a part of your overall plan, a good place to get the ball rolling is by creating a daily regime that is consistently followed to minimize premature aging of the skin.  

Lines and wrinkles may be the most talked about manifestation of skin aging but the loss of facial volume (sagging skin) can be even more telling when it comes to looking your age.  The dermis is the layer of skin found just beneath the visible surface layer.  The dermis gives structural support to the skin.  It’s made up of collagen and elastin fibers, adhesive proteins and a group of super humectants called glycosaminoglycans. These substances give volume and fullness to your skin and help prevent sagging, wrinkles and poor surface texture.

The loss of this important supporting layer is partly due to internal factors like your health, stress, genetics and hormonal changes.  There are also external factors which accelerate the loss of facial volume and firmness.  By far, the major external skin ager is the sun.  Oxidative stress (free radicals) caused by the sun increases an enzyme in the skin that breaks down collagen fibers and other components of the dermis that are essential for skin support.  These damaging enzymes are stimulated by minimal sun exposure, far less than the amount needed to create a visible tan or burn.  

Start with adequate sun protection.  

Anything less than a broad spectrum SPF 30 means you are getting less than optimal protection from the sun.  Get into the habit of applying sunscreen year round.  Aging UVA rays are just as damaging in winter as in summer. It is not recommended to apply sunscreen separately, after a moisturizer. This only serves to dilute the sunscreen, giving you less protection.  

Fight oxidative stress by supporting your skin with antioxidants.

Free radical formation triggers a domino effect of cell damage that ages skin rapidly.  Antioxidants have been shown to slow down this effect by neutralizing free radicals. Getting antioxidants from your diet is very important but you also need additional support from a topically applied antioxidants serum. You may find some antioxidants included in your moisturizer, but typically the amount of these performance ingredients used in creams are minimal. Applying an antioxidant  serum daily under sunscreen as an effective component of your anti-aging strategy.  Try these two top choices:

  • Stabilized Vitamin C helps support collagen synthesis, calms inflammation, brightens pigmentation, and retains moisture.  It also enhances the UV protection from your sunscreen.
  • Superfoods contain extremely high amounts of antioxidants.  They are found in richly pigmented fruits and vegetables like pomegranates and acai berries. These anti-aging super heroes, when submerged in an effective delivery system, create a serum that easily penetrates the skin to neutralize free radicals and enhances sun protection. This type of serum works especially well for those who spend a fair amount of time outdoors.

Make sure you include collagen building ingredients. 

  • Peptides are amino acid chains that send a message to your skin to produce more collagen.  They are very hydrating and generally well tolerated by sensitive skins.  Because skin’s metabolic activity to repair itself occurs mostly at night, this is the best time to apply your peptide serum.  Peptides work best when applied to clean, recently exfoliated skin. 
  • Retinols are vitamin A derivatives that exfoliate by stimulating cell production to push new cells up to the skin’s surface forcing shedding of older worn out cells.  In the lower layers of the dermis retinol encourages fibroblasts to produce more collagen and other components that give skin its volume.  
  • Epidermal Growth Factors are an effective way to wake up sleepy stem cells in the skin to encourage fibroblasts to create more collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans to add volume and firmness to the matrix of the dermis. EGF’s are also great for healing irritated skin.

Commit to using sunscreen, antioxidants and collagen builders as a part of your anti-aging skin care strategy.  You will be rewarded with wonderfully healthy, glowing, vibrant skin.


Holiday Stressed Skin

Holidays can be fun but let’s face it, for a lot of us it can be a very stressful time and the result of this is often reflected in our skin. If you find yourself running around trying to get ready for holiday parties, stressed out about finding that perfect gift, dealing with sometimes difficult family dynamics, over indulging in rich foods, sugary foods or alcoholic beverages, your skin may be showing distinct signs of stress. 

You’re not alone.  This time of year many clients come running into Elizabeth Renee Esthetics skincare spa for an “emergency facial” to find out what the heck is going on with their skin.  The most common concerns include a sudden tightness, dullness, dryness, blotchiness, eczema patches, puffy eyes, blemishes and flaking.  Our estheticians are specially trained to recognize the signs of stressed skin and provide treatments and products that offer quick results.


Cold weather causes us to push up the thermostat.  Most heating systems create desert dry air that sucks that valuable moisture out of your skin. Skin cells are dependent on moisture to stay alive, healthy and metabolically active.  The lack of moisture causes cells to die prematurely, leaving skin feeling tight, dry and flaky. It also leads to the breakdown of your skin’s protective hydrolipidic barrier.  Lacking this barrier means your skin becomes vulnerable to irritants, bacteria and free radical skin agers.  Water always goes from greater concentration (in this case your skin) to lesser concentration (the arid air around you).  So, naturally moisture is drawn out of the skin. 

Your first step in improving winter dry skin is to improve the barrier function of your skin.  That moisturizer that was perfect over the summer is just not going to cut it right now.  Upgrade to a moisturizer that has more emolliency.  My favorite moisturizer for very dry skin is Intensive Lipid Repair.  This rich moisturizing cream contains ursolic acid, an ingredient that helps dry skin repair itself by stimulating your skin’s ability to produce more protective skin lipids from within.  If you’re in love with your current moisturizer you might want to try adding a few drops of FijiGirl Facial Oil to increase its moisture holding emolliency.  Sensitive or eczema prone skin should take a look at Environmental Protection which is a silicone based product that can provide a soothing and extra protective layer over your moisturizer.  Silicone is good for this skin type because while it traps in moisture it lets the heat out of the skin.  Heat trapped in your skin can be a problematic if you are sensitive or have rosacea because, when skin heats up it gets redder and more reactive.  

You should also look at the other products in your regime.  Is that gel or foaming cleanser too drying this time of year?  Steer clear of anything that foams up on the skin or contains detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate that dissolves the skin’s protective barrier. Always follow cleansing with a mild alcohol free toner to remove drying chlorine particles and fluoride found in the tap water you used to was your face. If you use a cleansing milk you might want to try a little richer formula for winter.                                                                  

For many skin types this is the time of year to tame your exfoliation routine.   Replace that scratchy scrub for a silky cream exfoliant, based on gently exfoliating enzymes that glide on like a mask and subtly dissolve away dead dry cells – sans the irritating particles: a definite no no for sensitive skin. 

This time of year it is even more important to get your eight glasses of water in daily.  Moisturizers don’t put moisture in your skin, but hold in moisture brought in through circulation, and that moisture comes from drinking water.   It’s also a good idea to set up a humidifier near where you sleep at night and for heaven’s sake wear a scarf or other protective clothing when you’re outside facing the elements.


It’s party time!  Okay, so we all over indulge a little this time of year.  First of all there are all those tempting sweets that require super human powers to resist.  Keep in mind that sugar adds dramatically to free radical damage which accelerates wrinkles, and aging.  Sugar also invites bacteria that can contribute to breakouts.  Plus, be aware that eating salty foods, especially at night, increases under eye puffiness.  Alcohol is a triple whammy for your skin. It’s full of collagen linking sugar (causing wrinkles). It’s loaded with free radicals and is extremely dehydrating when you over indulge. Plus it’s a vasodilator which makes sensitive skin get redder and reactive.

Combat free radical damage by upping your antioxidant intake. Try sneaking in extra antioxidants by eating more colorful fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants are in the pigment so dark green veggies like spinach or brightly colored berries contain lots of pigment and therefore lots of anti-aging antioxidants. Try upping your Vitamin C supplement.  Vitamin C promotes new collagen production.  Start applying a high potency antioxidant serum to your skin during the day. Sunrise Solution contains 18 of the most potent, state-of-the-art antioxidants including superfruits like Coffee Berries, Acai Berries, Gogi Fruit and Pomegranates.  These are amongst the most powerful sources of natural antioxidants available today, especially against collagen glycation due to sugar and alcohol intake.  Also keep in mind that balancing each alcoholic beverage you drink with a glass of water helps limit the amount of dehydration your skin will have to endure this holiday season.


You might be exhausted.  Not getting enough sleep can be the result of parties or holiday worries.  Did you know that healthy skin depends on plenty of sleep?  Most skin repair occurs during REM sleep. This is why we recommend most repair serums at night.  When you miss this important stage of sleep you leave your skin vulnerable.

Try to monitor your sleep.  Taking a cat nap during the day helps reduce stress hormones that eventually breaks down skin’s immune system.  I can’t stress enough the importance of sleep, but when it’s just not happening try these repair tactics:

Give yourself a little massage.  Spend a little extra time when cleansing your skin just doing little circles around your eyes and face with your cleanser twice a day.  This gentle stimulation jump starts circulation to bring in fresh blood containing oxygen, water and important nutrients in to feed your skin. 

Try an eye gel in the morning that you’ve left in the fridge overnight.  The coolness tightens lymph vessels under your eyes to relieve puffiness and dark circles.  Some of the newer peptides like Hesperidin (found in our Anti-Puff Gel) helps decrease blood from leaking through delicate capillary walls under your eyes.  This decreases redness as well as puffiness.

Try using a repair serum at night so that the sleep you do get is productive at healing and strengthening your skin.  My personal favorite night time serum is REVITALIZING Cell Therapy.  Even though I’m prone to eczema I find this serum offers instant relief from dryness and sensitivity.  Plus it has super repair factors that come from 5 internationally patented anti-aging ingredients. Over time your skin looks younger with improved texture and tone.


When under emotional stress your body exhibits a “fight or flight response.”  What this means for the skin is that blood is drained away from the face to protect your internal organs.  Stressed skin often lacks proper circulation and appears dull and sluggish. The increased stress hormone (Cortisol)  acts similarly to  testosterone which increases the likelihood of breakouts in some people and skin reactions in others and is a major contributor of premature aging of the skin.  

The most important way to fight stress it to learn to be good to yourself.  Find time to squeeze in that facial.  One of the most soothing, hydrating and relaxing facials we offer is the Cold Fusion Facial.  This super hydrating, anti-ager is just what the doctor ordered.  Based on a Cold Fusion Masque which contains a hefty dose of Epidermal Growth Factors for super effective skin repair.  While you’re here our expert estheticians will carefully examine your skin and make educated skin care recommendations based on your individual skin type.  The Cold Fusion Facial includes a peel.  Maybe the peel you need right now is our Smart Peel.  The Smart Peel exfoliates with sting-free enzymes, leaving skin fresh and relaxed, hydrated and calm.  Can you think of a better stress reducer? Studies show that taking time out to relax stimulates a stronger immune system so you are better able to handle the tough stuff. Don’t skip exercise just because it’s winter.  Regularly (moderate) exercise causes your body to produce anti-stress hormones. Try yoga. Take a walk. Plan some healthy New Years Resolutions.


If your skin has become super sensitive because of all this stress and harsh weather conditions you may have recently developed eczema symptoms.  For this you may need a medical prescription but in the mean time you need to look at your skin care program to make sure you have eliminated all possible triggers.  Your esthetician can help you with this.  Your esthetician can improve your regime, keeping in mind that eczema is made worse in winter because of the loss of the protective barrier.  Once you have cut down to the bare minimum gradually reintroduce products to find out what is the most tolerable for your skin.  I’ve had to do this myself and after several weeks I was able to build up to a minimal program of milky cleanser, alcohol free toner and simple moisturizer.  However, my skin remained dry until I introduced Revitalize Cell Therapy which has helped my skin feel more comfortable and heal.  I also found that using a Luminous Foundation worked wonders. I’ve eliminated anything that is drying (including all powder based makeup, especially powder shadows and powder blush.)  I really love our Luminous Foundation because it not only feels more comfortable but gives off a younger, smooth moist look.  


Stress increases breakouts at the most inopportune times.  If you have clogged pores they might not act up until the introduction of stress. 

Try an LED Light Treatment.  This facial uses light to stimulate skin repair.  If you have problem skin, this treatment is perfect for killing aggravating bacteria that causes breakouts and encourages healing.  In the winter, the over use of harsh acne products can be counter productive by increasing inflammation.  Try treating your skin a little more gently.  Take a look at these gentle blemish busting tips:

  • Come in for High Frequency.  This treatment flushes blemishes with bacteria killing oxygen.  Acne bacteria is anaerobic – zap it with oxygen and it’s dead on contact. The best part is… if you are an Elizabeth Renee client give us a call and we’ll do it for free!  It takes only a few minutes.
  • When you feel that sore red blemish coming on, try applying a thick layer of over-the-counter cortisone cream on that spot as soon as you start to feel it. Then ice it for five minutes. Do this twice a day and sometimes you can actually miss getting the blemish.
  • Try Clear Skin Solution. This is a great spot treatment.  If you don’t like the experience of over drying and irritating your skin you can skip the  caustic alternatives such as benzoic peroxide.
  • Cover up with our Blemish Treatment Concealer. This concealer helps dry up and clear blemishes without the oily base that you’ll find in most other concealers.
  • Update your exfoliation. Stress can go either way.  Your skin can become reactive with red, sore blemishes.  This means you need to skip that scratchy scrub for a pore clearing and disinfecting exfoliating serum like Getting Even which contains bacteria fighting Salicylic Acid.  But… if stress causes your skin to get dull and clogged you need to accompany your Getting Even with a skin smoothing scrub.  For dull, thick skin with problem blackheads or non-inflamed comedones try Clarifying Crystals (made with volcanic mud for a deep skin smoothing experience.)


As we’ve already discussed, lack of sleep, poor food choices and alcohol can cause under eye puffiness.  Here are some bonus tips for this problem:

** When using the Anti-Puff Gel keep the bottle in the fridge so you can apply it cold, but you can also take the cold glass bottle and roll it directly over the puffy areas to tighten the tissue and take down puffiness faster.

** Sleep with your head elevated and sleep on your back.  This helps to drain lymph fluid away from your face. Leaving the eye area smoother in the morning.

** Wear a lighter eye creme. We’ve updated our eye cream formulas to be lighter because research shows that heavy emollients in eye creams actually hold water in the delicate tissues under the eyes, making them puffy.  Check out EyeLift Brightening Creme for one of today’s most state-of-the-art formulations.

** Alcohol allows lymph to accumulate in the blood vessels under your eyes while you sleep. Drinking later in the evening causes a more acute problem.  What can I say?

** If you have dry under eyes, try a primer under your makeup to make this skin looks smoother.  

** Keep away from white concealer and keep highlighting products not too close to the eyes because these accentuates circles and puffiness.


Finally, when heading into the new year be good to yourself.  Create some New Years resolutions like booking a “good for you” facial on a regular basis.  You’ll not only feel pampered and more relaxed but your skin will thank you for it by looking younger, smoother. Keeping that glow will make you feel so much less stressed!

Benefits of Using a Facial Oil

My FijiGirlMy own Fiji girl, Cassie Kosky, spent her junior semester abroad at the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands.  There she admired a simpler lifestyle and the happy culture of native Fijians. She also noticed they had clear, glowing and beautifully hydrated complexions.  While there she discovered a secret, “Using a facial oil every day is a natural way to ensure healthy, glowing skin.”

Facial Oils have been studied for more than 15 years for their anti-aging and antioxidant skin care benefits.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics we’ve done our own research and found that natural argan oil is considered to be the premier of all facial oils. We’ve taken this natural oil and combined it with Vitamin E and a small amount of Retinol to create what we believe is the most effective facial oil available.  Then we dedicated this formula to my daughter, Cassie and named it FijiGirl Facial Oil.

Argan oil is the main constituent in this formula because it contains the maximum amount of antioxidants found to benefit the skin by protecting it against skin agers in the environment. This means it helps interfere with damaging free radicals caused by sunlight and pollutants. Try applying a couple of drops in the morning on cleansed & toned skin, then wait two minutes before applying a sunscreen or foundation.

At night you can improve your skin’s tolerance of anti-aging ingredients such as retinols, glycolic or AHA’s that sometimes have an irritating effect on the skin.  Argan Oil contains rare phytosterols which are cooling and soothing to your skin and help reduce inflammation.  In our FijiGirl Facial Oil we’ve also added Vitamin E to boost it’s soothing and antioxidant properties.  Vitamin E also contributes to skin hydration and healing.  Smooth one or two drops on after your nightly anti-aging treatment or combine it with your night cream.

In winter, when skin turns drier, you can apply a facial oil over your favorite hydrating moisturizer to increase the water holding effectiveness of that cream.  Humectants are essential water holding ingredients that should be included in your moisturizer, but when the air is dry you need to add a barrier.  Because oils are lipophilic (fat loving) they migrate easily into the surface cells of the skin preventing moisture loss as they help plump up your skin.

New studies show that using a facial oil increases penetration of performance ingredients like Retinol, Glycolic and Vitamin C because they help them go deeper into the skin so they can activate fibroblasts (which are those amazing cells that lay down new collagen fibers to support skin firmness).  Another thing we’ve added to FijiGirl Facial Oil is a gentle, time released retinol to contribute to the oil’s skin smoothing and repair properties.

Finally, you might want to try a couple of drops of FijiGirl Facial Oil under your foundation. Foundation will go on smoother and lines will become less noticeable.  This is a must have in winter.

Although we feel the FijiGirl Facial Oil is the best facial oil available we also want you to try to adopt a Fijian lifestyle philosophy.  This will surely help improve the health of your skin.

  • Eat lots of natural, organic fruits and vegetables.  They are chock filled with anti-aging antioxidants.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated (there is lots of moisture in the air in Fiji).
  • Try to find inner contentment and happiness.  (Cassie tells me Fiji is not a rich country, but the natives are less materialistic and therefore seem more happy).
  • Relax (you’ll live longer and your skin will look younger for it).

Time Tested Anti-Aging Ingredients

“Is it possible to improve my skin as I get older?”

Absolutely!  With the right skin care regime, a proper diet, a few lifestyle changes, regular facials and learning to minimize stress (or at least your reaction to it) you can make wonderful improvements to your skin and start looking younger almost immediately.  

“This sounds like a lot to do.  Where do I start?”

The most practical place to start is with your home-care regime.  Start by incorporating time tested, no-nonsense ingredients that have the greatest amount of scientific research behind them to back up their proven age-busting attributes.   Here are the five most studied anti-aging ingredients which absolutely guarantee to help minimize the signs of aging. 


Ninety percent of visible aging comes from the sun which causes wrinkles, dark spots, visible capillaries and ultimately creates thick, dull, leathery looking skin. Sunscreens either convert the offending ultra violet rays (UV rays) into heat which is then released from the skin or deflect the rays away from the skin, protecting it from damage.

ERE IMPUT: Sensitive skin should opt for a 30 SPF physical sunscreen which does not increase heat (redness) in the skin.  Make sure to use enough product and reapply every couple of hours if you are out in the sun.


Advanced Protection SPF 30
Advanced Protection SPF 30


Free radicals are unstable molecules that change the DNA of cells.  As your cells change they no longer behave like the younger version of themselves.  This is the basis for the “Free Radical Theory of Aging.  Damaged DNA leads to wrinkles, pigmentation changes, flaccid skin tone and very possibly skin cancer.  Antioxidants help stop the chain reaction of free radical damage to skin cells, thus preserving the younger nature of your skin.

ERE INPUT: Vitamin C has been the most studied of all antioxidants to date for it’s anti-aging, pore clearing and skin lightening abilities. You brave souls out there might also want to investigate the newer (and most promising) antioxidants based on superfruits and green tea. You’ll find these in our new Sunrise Solution.  It’s impossible to get complete protection from free radical damage, but this is a great tool for minimizing the known agers to the skin.


C & E Antioxidant Serum
C & E Antioxidant Serum


This super humectant holds an amazing amount of moisture in the skin (about 1000x’s it’s molecular weight).  Moisture is the necessary medium by which vitamins, oxygen and other nutrients need to get into the skin.  This keeps cells alive, healthy and metabolically active.  Well hydrated skin looks plump, fresh and younger looking.

ERE INPUT: Hyaluronic Acid is a super hydrator at any age and for any skin type so you you can have fresh, well hydrated skin without worrying about clogged pores or sensitivity.




These exfoliating acids often come from natural sources like sugarcane or sour milk.  They are effective exfoliators that dissolve the “glue” that sticks old, worn out dead cells to the surface of the skin.  Remove the dead cells and you reveal fresher, plumper skin that has a more youthful and translucent look.  AHA’s also minimize pigmentation.  Even skin color is an important factor in achieving the appearance of younger looking skin.  

ERE INPUT: Don’t over exfoliate.  Choose the right AHA for your skin type.  Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule allowing it to get deeper into the skin, making it ideal for clearing pores.  Lactic Acid is gentler but more hydrating.  Salicylic has great anti-bacterial properties (technically a BHA) but may be more drying.  You may want to try one of the newer AHA blends which can be doubly effective and easily tolerated.


Getting Even
Getting Even


This Vitamin A derivative has a mind boggling number of studies (that should convince even the biggest skincare skeptics) that demonstrate its collagen boosting, skin brightening and pore clearing capabilities. Retinol is a milder version and precursor to Retinoic Acid (Retin-A).  It may take a little longer to work but it lets you skip the uncomfortable, irritated phase and go right for it’s wonderful anti-aging benefits.  

ERE INPUT: We prefer time released “Retinol” as a high performance / low irritation anti-aging treatment. Start slowly and work up to every other night.  You can alternate with an AHA product.  Avoid use in summer if you are getting a lot of sun exposure.


Retinol Resurfacing Treatment
Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

Mastered your home-care regime?  Take a look at the other skin aging factors I mentioned above: like reducing stress or changing your diet.  Do something good for your skin. Try giving up sugar and nutrient void foods or enrolling in a yoga class to reduce stress.  Smile, it uses less muscles that frowning, therefore creating less wrinkles. You’ll feel happier and start looking younger right away.

Skin Care Update for Spring

Sunrise SolutionFinally, the weather is getting better.  The days are getting longer and it feels wonderful, warm and comforting to be outside, smiling as you enjoy that delightful walk in the late afternoon sun.  It’s the perfect time to be outdoors. But… more time outdoors means you need to take care of your skin in a slightly different way.  So now’s the time for a seasonal update to your homecare regime.

Cleansing:  Warmer weather means you may, all of a sudden, be producing more oil.  This means adjusting your cleansing regime to include a detergent free gel cleanser in the morning.  Skin tends to purge toxins at night while you sleep, and gel cleansers are better for this type of deep cleaning.  Milky cleansers work well at night for effective makeup removal, but now it’s time to switch to a lighter formula.

Toning:  In the same vain, you should try a slightly more clearing toner to prevent clogged pores and breakouts that some people experience with the change of season.  Still, stay away from alcohol based toners that not only dry out your skin but create a hardened surface that only adds to a clogging problem. If you’re skin is still feeling tight and dry even though winter is over and spring has sprung, you may want to try a new type of gel toner that is rich in glycoproteins.  This wonderful new ingredient acts like a moisture magnate, drenching your skin in water and drawing it in for instant hydration.

Moisturizing:  That super emollient moisturizer you loved during the winter may now be just too rich for your skin.  Try instead a humectant based moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid. It’s my favorite hydrator because of it’s superior ability to grab onto moisture.  It feels light and soothing on the skin.  When reading labels, don’t forget that you now need more than your winter dose of antioxidants to protect you from aging free radicals from the sun. Moisturizers that contain Vitamins A, C & E are all helpful in this regard.

Specialty Serums:  Speaking of antioxidants.  The best way to rev up your antioxidant protection is from a specialty serum.  Specialty Serums contain higher potency antioxidants (like Vitamin C) which are more concentrated than those found in a moisturizer alone.  The best quality serums also contain sophisticated delivery systems to target those antioxidants to penetrate deep into the skin. New to the market are mega antioxidant formulas which contain super fruits like Acai Berry, Gogi and Noni fruits, Mangoes, Pomegranate and Coffee Berry Extract.  If you spend any time out in the sun you need to look into these outstanding super fruits and take advantage of their powerful skin protecting capabilities.

Sun Protection:  Reexamine your daily use of SPF.  Protection from damaging UV rays is imperative this time of year.  I recommend switching from a 15 SPF to a 30 SPF, especially if you have fair or sensitive skin, or you spend time out doors.  My favorite sunscreen is a mineral based physical sunscreen.  I like it because it is less sensitizing for sensitive skins. Look for ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  You can double up on your sunscreen protection if you wear a mineral based foundation that also contains an SPF.

Exfoliation:  Skin cells turn over faster in warmer weather so you may need to increase how often you use your scrub.  If you spent time outside, stop exfoliating during the day, it can make your skin more sun-sensitive.  Try adding a mild AHA product based on Lactic Acid to your scrub at night if you’re dehydrated.  Mix it directly into your scrub for gentle exfoliation that is also hydrating.  Thicker skins can start to use a more potent AHA blend.  Be careful to stop shy of irritating your skin, over exfoliation can lead to increased free radical damage.  If you’re in the sun a lot discontinue use of retinols for the summer.  A competent esthetician can offer you sound advise on just how much exfoliation is right for your unique skin type.

Now that you’re ready to update your products for spring you can build an effective anti-aging arsenal to protect against environmental damage while keeping skin moist, clear and looking young.  Start the season off right by visiting an expert esthetician at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics.  We will remove those dull dry cells left over from the winter and replace important hydrating and skin repair ingredients.