Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Repair Serums

Our Most Popular Anti-Aging Repair Serums

With all the new anti-aging ingredients out there it’s easy to become confused and throw up your hands when trying to decide which ingredients are most effective for keeping your skin looking youthful over time.  If you find yourself struggling with this, rest assured you are not alone.

A good place to start is to remember that anti-aging repair serums do their best magic at night while you’re sleeping and your skin is in repair mode.  So make your night time application of anti-aging repair serums a top priority.

Where to begin?  Start focusing on the two most researched areas when it comes to anti-aging.



Young looking skin is well hydrated skin.  Cells that are full of moisture look plump and fresh and have a nice translucent quality.  Water is essential as the medium by which vitamins and nutrients get into skin cells to keep them alive and metabolically active.  Besides drinking your eight glasses of water a day, your skin will benefit from using a nightly serum that contains the greatest skin hydrator of all, namely Hyaluronic Acid.  This potent humectant holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and works effectively for all skin types. It not only plumps and moisturizes, but helps heal and comfort the skin. Hyaluronic Acid Serums also help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics one of our top selling serums: HYDRAESSENCE contains an optimal dose of Hyaluronic Acid.  It is oil free, can be used under a moisturizer, or you can mix it with another serum.



When you are young your skin is busy making new epidermal skin cells.  They reproduce at a rate of about one cell layer a day.  That means the entire epidermis replaces itself about once a month.  Because of this the surface of the skin stays soft and smooth and has a lovely even texture to it.  The dermis (the underlying layer) is plump and full of skin supporting collagen & elastin fibers and something called glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) whose primary role is to retain moisture, to plump the skin and supports other cells in this layer.  Over time the metabolic rate slows down to about half that amount.  This makes skin repair less efficient, resulting in sagging skin, loose skin and increased hyper-pigmentation.  A tried and true way to boost cell metabolism is by adding a repair serum which includes peptides.  Peptides are little messengers that remind the skin to get busy stimulating production of collagen, elastin and GAGS. Elizabeth Renee’s PEPTIDE FIRMING SERUM is an antioxidant serum which includes skin affirming peptides.

A little trick we’ve learned to do at Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa is to use a mixture of two pumps of each serum together and use them at night over a cleansed and exfoliated skin.  This popular treatment is a winning combination for age conscious clients.  This results in extending the look of youthful, vibrant skin which then becomes ageless.

No Time to Get to the Spa?

No Time to Get to the Spa?

Very Merry Home-Spa Treatment

Home Spa

Reg. $100.50 Specially Priced at $80.50 – just for the holidays.

Try this super effective skin smoothing spa treatment at home.

On a clean skin, start by gently dissolving dull, dry surface cells and clearing the pores with an enzyme based peel that rivals most in-spa treatments (sans the use of harsh acids that can sensitize your skin). Then, drench those thirsty cells with a creamy, moisture infusion masque.  With your skin all fresh and moist, apply a layer of our wonderfully conditioning facial oil, which should be left on overnight.  You’ll love your skin in the morning.

    The closest thing to an In-Spa Peel that you can do at home.  This peel uses multiple enzymes to dissolve dead surface cells thus revealing the newer, fresher, more radiant skin beneath. Apply a thin layer with a mask brush and leave on 10 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.
    Submerge your skin in moisture while you nourish it with anti-aging Coffee Berry Antioxidants.   This yummy cream masque leaves your skin feeling touchably soft…  even through New England’s coldest winters. Apply a generous coat over freshly exfoliated skin. (For extra hydration, first swipe on a layer of Moisture Surge our hydra gel infusion toner).
  3. Step three:  FijiGirl FACIAL OIL
    Barrier repair for winter dry skin.  This skin smoothing facial oil reconditions skin texture, seals in moisture and bans the elements from drying out your skin in winter.  For best results apply after your mask, then leave on overnight and wake up to “happy skin”.

Order the complete HomeSpa Treatment Online now.

What’s the deal with a Cranberry Peel?

What’s the deal with a Cranberry Peel?

cranberrypeelOf all the peels in all the world why should you choose a Cranberry Peel?

A Cranberry Peel is beneficial for most skin types, especially dry, dehydrated or somewhat sensitive skins.  The combination of enzymes plus lactic acid in this peel offers a little more exfoliation than solely enzyme based peels. This means that a Cranberry Peel is highly effective for removing the accumulation of dead, dehydrated cells that can clog pores or give the skin a dull, lifeless look, yet a cranberry peel is still gentle enough to be used on all but the most sensitive skin types.  The low-level amount of Lactic Acid found in this peel is not only great for exfoliating, but has wonderful hydrating properties and helps to diminish pigmentation. The new skin revealed looks fresher, more moist and boasts a lovely radiant glow.

You also get a bonus effect with our Cranberry Peel.  Cranberries are nutrient rich with Vitamin C and packed with anti-aging antioxidants.  These help replace and repair collagen fibers that has been damaged from past sun exposure.  The bottom line is that Cranberry Extracts (processed correctly) help your skin retain it’s tone and firmness.

To create softer, calmer, well hydrated skin, ask for a Cranberry Peel to be added to your facial or as an à la carte treatment that can be done in-between your regular monthly facial treatments.

Very Merry Cranberry Peel Special

This special is offered by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics Skin Care Spa every holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years.  It’s a fun time to try our exfoliating Cranberry Peel.  If you haven’t yet had one now ‘s the time.  Choose to use it for yourself or gift it to someone special this holiday season.

Get that “glow” for the holidays.


Purchase a gift certificate for $100.
Get a gift card for a FREE Cranberry Peel.

The gift card can be used any time during the month of January, 2016.

(a $50 Value)

Very Merry Bio-Brasion Facial Special

Very Merry Bio-Brasion Facial Special


Bio-Brasion Ultra Smoothing Facial


 The Perfect Gift!

Beautiful Model Girl with splashes of water in her hands. Beautiful Smiling Woman under splash of water with fresh skin over blue background. Skin care Cleansing and moisturizing concept. Beauty face

*  Due to popular demand we are extending our Bio-Brasion Skin Correcting
introductory offer through the end of December, 2014.

$25 off the regular price


Discover why traditional microdermabrasion is just so over. Our Bio-Brasion Ultra Smoothing Facial not only delivers superior exfoliation but introduces customized anti-aging actives that instantly brighten, hydrate and plump your skin. Here is a chance to experience this new treatment everyone is talking about.

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Holiday Countdown – Six Weeks to Great Skin

Holiday Countdown – Six Weeks to Great Skin

Want to get beautiful, glowing skin for the holidays?  Time is running short. So… today is a good day to make a plan and commit to it. If you start now you’ll be able to show off your best holiday complexion.

WEEK ONE:  Adopt a  Healthy Diet.

Antioxidant Protection

Don’t wait ’til New Years day.  If you start eating right now, you’ll look radiant and beautiful by the time New Years Eve rolls around. Baring Thanksgiving (where I think you should just plan to go ahead and splurge) it’s the perfect time to focus on good habits.

Where to put your focus:

Avoid sugar and refined carbs.  These foods not only invite bacteria which increase your risk of breakouts, but surgery foods are a major cause of glycation.  This type of free radical damage makes your skin look dull and tired.  In the long run, it stiffens collagen and elastin fibers which eventually leads to wrinkles.

Watch dairy and other foods that may have been injected with hormones. These foods highly increase your chances of breaking out and increases inflammation which exacerbates redness and puffiness.

Choose moisturizing foods.  Foods that provide essential fatty acids moisturize from the inside out.  Omega-3 is particularly good. It’s abundant in cold-water fish such as sardines and salmon and is also found in flaxseeds, walnuts and green vegetables.

If you have dry skin, psoriasis, rosacea or premature aging start taking an omega-3 supplement in addition to eating oily fish two or three times a week. You’ll see a difference before you can say, “Yule Tide”.

Don’t forget to hydrate.  6-8 glasses of water per day is still optimal for beautifully dewy, soft skin.

WEEK TWO: Make Time for Moderate Exercise.

AHA-walkersI know it’s a busy time, but exercise is vital.  Exercise tightens your skin and creates muscle tone.  I say moderate because intense exercise can actually age your skin by causing free radical damage.

Where to put your focus:

Nice long, brisk walks.  This not only burns calories, but increases circulation to feed your skin and give it a glow.  It also reduces stress hormones that contribute to aging. Take time out for a walk every day. Even 30 minutes a day will activate all the anti-aging benefits you need for glowing skin. Remember to wear sunscreen.

WEEK THREE: Get a Skin Brightening Facial.

UltrasoundA facial will do wonders for you skin by creating clarity, tone and brightness. Then enjoy showing off that nice even, plump and hydrated look.

Where to put your focus:

Save heavy duty extractions for your long term goal.  Instead, lean toward retexturizing facials that smooth, hydrate and rectify dullness.  These can be achieved relatively quickly. Instant gratification is a wonderful thing this time of year.  Check out Elizabeth Renee’s new Skin Correcting Bio-Brasion Facials or a Bi-Lift Brighting Facial.  Both offer instant skin smoothing peels and an immediate lift to make you look younger.

WEEK FOUR:  Optimize your home care.

mask with pink headbandNow that your skin feels moist, plump and radiant you’ll want to maximize the results by stepping up your home care to include an At-Home Facial Treatment once a week for the next few weeks. You’ll love this pampering ritual so much you may decide to continue it throughout the new year.

Where to put your focus:

  1. Exfoliation.
    Choose a smooth surfaced scrub like Elizabeth Renee’s Papaya Enzyme Buffing Beads to gently roll over the skin, removing dull surface cells, revealing the newer, plumper cells beneath.  Make this even more effective by adding a couple of pumps of BOOST, a hydrating and brightening corrective serum based on lactic acid.
  2. Hydration.
    Nothing adds moisture to the skin like hyaluronic acid.  Sounds strong?  Actually, this super performance ingredient is a gentle hydrator that holds as much as 1000 times it’s weight in water.  You’ll find this ingredient in Elizabeth Renee’s Hydraessence.
  3. Repair.
    Gone are those old fuddy, duddy clay pastes.  Find a masque that’s right for your unique skin type.  Sensitive skin?  You’ll love our super calming Azulene Soothing Masque.  For peak anti-aging performance try our Coffee Berry Masque.  It’s wonderfully hydrating and infuses coffee berry antioxidants into your skin for instant repair.  Refine is a great pore clearing and brightening masque for combination skin that doesn’t over-dry your skin.
    Just rinse, tone and moisturize and you’re good to go to your next holiday party.

WEEK FIVE: Last minute skin de-stressors.

You may not have enough time for another facial but here are some quick fixes that will perk up your skin without robbing your time.

Where to put your focus:

Soft EyesIf you’re feeling a little weary from stress or lack of sleep schedule a quick pick-me-up for your peepers.  Elizabeth Renee’s Firm & Lift Eye Facial combines skin firming micro-current & a firming masque and manual lymphatic drainage to diminish puffiness and minimize circles.

How ’bout a little Happiness?  These are three perfect little mini treatments that take only 45 minutes.  One is just right for your skin. Incidentally, Happiness also makes for a great holiday gift at only $60.

WEEK SIX:  Keeping everything feeling fun.

Makeup Instruction WebDon’t forget your commitment to diet & exercise. This will help minimize last minute stress.  Try to keep a fun, playful attitude throughout the holidays.

What to focus on:

In the vein of keeping it fun, pop by for a fun new holiday lipstick.  Try perking up your sparkle with a new holiday bronzer.  Book some time for a makeup update.  Pick up a gift certificate that is sure to create holiday joy. If you’re short on time you can always order online.  

Smile… it does great things for your skin!